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How To Draw Books

how to draw a book overview

Drawing a book could be one of the simple practices you want to try. There’s also a fun task to sketch an open book, which requires a little more detail than a closed one.

All of the steps are straightforward. Continue reading to learn how to draw a book, which you can use to communicate an important message through drawing.

Difficult level Easy
Estimate time 20 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon
Painting materials Color pencil, Crayon
Surfaces materials Paper

How To Draw A Book – Step by Step

Step 1: Practice drawing a closed book!

draw a closed book

Let’s start with the easy task first: draw a closed book. We all know what a book looks like, so this should be easy.

  1. Draw two parallel rectangles, one on top of the other, leaving a space between them, which will be the thickness of the book you will draw (image 1).
  2. Connect the two rectangles, as the top is the front cover, and the bottom is the back cover of the book (image 2). That’s how you create the frame of the book.
  3. Add small details, such as multiple lines and shade, that show the paper.

Step 2: Practice drawing an open book

draw a open book

This next part is also fun, yet it will be a little more challenging. Keep practicing until you get it right!

  1. For an open book, draw two parallelograms as its back and front covers (image 1).
  2. Now, add the block of pages on each parallelogram and connect the two parts to make the book spine (image 2).
  3. Now, it’s time to add the details, such as lines for the book pages.
  4. Finally, add shades to the book’s side as shadow and lines to the book’s open pages.

Step 3: Draw a flying open book!

draw a book

Should we stop at drawing an open book? Of course, we should not. How about a flying one?

  1. This time, create the frame of the book by drawing what resembles a tent. Make sure you leave a small space between these two covers of the book.
  2. Now, the book will be divided into multiple blocks since it’s flying mid-air. So, you need to clearly show those blocks (image 2).
  3. Now, add the details as you want the blocks to have pages. You can leave some pages standing on their own in the middle of the book.
  4. Add the shades to the inner and hidden parts of the pages to make them look real.

Keep practicing!

What more can we do?

Here’re some more fun practices for you. Try drawing a book lying upside down, a book that has pages flying away from it, and add colors to the cover. Or, you can start drawing a book pile and add images/letters to the open pages of one book!

Practices make perfect, and do not forget to share the guide and easy steps with others!

how to draw a book final

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