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How to Draw Candles

how to draw candles

Welcome you to this fantastic tutorial on how to draw candles – beautiful and functional items that most families have. From sketching basic shapes to adding colors, the process is simple and exciting enough for anyone to join, whether kids, seasoned artists, or someone enchanted by candles’ charm.

We’ll guide you through detailed steps. You only need to prepare essential materials on hand and keep your eyes close to our illustrations. Are you ready to explore the aesthetics of drawing candles? Let’s dive in!

Difficult level Intermediate
Estimate time 25minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon
Painting materials Color pencil, Pastel
Surfaces materials Paper

How to Draw Candles – Step by Step

Step 1: Create the candle sketch with simple shapes and strokes

draw candles step 1

1. In this tutorial, we’re not drawing a single candle but a group of burning candles to help you practice your skills.

Let’s begin with a quick sketch of candles before making everything apparent and natural-looking. Refer to our image for an example of laying candles of different sizes to form a group.

Have you finished yet? Then, move to the stage of drawing a single candle in the group. You can apply it for the rest (plus making little adjustments to create a diverse look).

2. In this step, you need to draw an oblong to form the candle’s body.

3. Turn straight lines sketched into slight curves and irregularities to make the candle look more realistic. Plus, make the top line slope downward to one side to imply it’s melting. Then, draw the wick with just a single stroke at the top of the body.

4. After having the core body, add some irregular, wavy lines descending from the top of the candle to depict the melting wax. Remember to expand these lines as they reach the base.

Step 2: Time for refinement and adding colors

draw candles step 2

5. Guess what your candle is missing? Yes, it’s a flame! Draw a shape like a drop of water at the tip of the wick. Then, draw another smaller one within it. Next, don’t forget the refinement part. Erase any guidelines left or unnecessary details.

6, 7. You’ve already nailed the final sketch of the candle. Here comes the show of color display.

  • Start with the flame first. In this drawing, we choose bright orange for the outer layer and yellow for the inner one.
  • The light yellow hue is also applied to the candle’s body.

8. The final step is to highlight and shade to make the candle look more vibrant.

  • Use a thin coating of pale orange to apply to the candle’s body.
  • Add a touch of white or a light shade of yellow to the top of the body (the closest part to the flame).
  • Adjust the shading and colors as needed, giving the candle a more realistic look.


Well, a single candle is successfully mastered. Your mission is to complete the rest in your sketched group. Try making them more appealing by changing their colors and sizes. Plus, you can add a charming background to your drawing. It’s a perfect way to elevate your candle’s look and create the most beautiful and eye-grabbing artwork you’ve ever had.

Once you’ve finished, show your drawing to your family and friends. And guide them to our tutorial if you find it enjoyable.

how to draw candles final

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