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How to Draw Planets

how draw a planet overview 1

Let’s make a beautiful galaxy by learning how to draw planets from scratch. Today we will show you the easy steps to shape a planet, draw its patterns, and color it with crayon for a rich and pigmented effect.

To sketch a planet, any beginner working their way up to medium level can benefit greatly from familiarizing themselves with 2D to 3D expressions of its shapes and patterns. In less than 15 minutes, we’ll show you how to sketch the simplest planet.

Put some paper, a pencil, a compass, and crayons on the table! And remember to have fun!

What you need for this lesson:

  • Pencil
  • Drawing Paper
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
  • A compass
  • A ruler
  • A Black Marker

How to Draw Planets – Step by Step

how draw a planet overview 2

Step 1: SHAPE your Planet

how draw a planet step 1

First, use your compass and black marker to draw a circle, which will be the shape of your planet. Most planets, as we know, are ROUND. Simply, this is where we will start.

Then, draw an axis with your pencil leaning in a certain direction instead of exactly vertical.

Now, your round planet can either be a CIRCLE (2D) or a SPHERE (3D).

  • If you want a simple 2D planet, use your pencil to draw vertical and horizontal lines from that axis (red lines).
  • For a sphere planet, you can draw horizontal and vertical lines going around the axis to form the 3D shape (red lines).

These lines will make it easier to draw the pattern on the planet.

Step 2 : Create the PATTERNS

how draw a planet step 2

The planet patterns are often parallel with the horizontal lines. You can use these pencil lines as a grid to create various patterns.

There are no rules for this, though, so feel free to be creative.

The 2D patterns are simple and fun to draw. Meanwhile, the 3D pattern looks more natural and dimensional.

Step 3 : Draw the RING

how draw a planet step 3

Some planets have rings around them, like Saturn. You can imagine the ring as a flat circle cutting through the planet.

Now, draw the ring with your pencil, and erase the invisible part (hidden by the planet). You can redo the ring with your black marker.

Step 4: FINALIZE the Image

how draw a planet step 4

  1. Add the patterns of your design with your black marker.
  2. Add the details for the planet ring with lines on its surface to create the illusion of the planet orbiting.
  3. Draw a shadow line on the planet, using the axis as the reference. With that, you have a small shadow part on the left of the planet that does not face the sun.
  4. Now, with your crayons, add the flat colors of your choice.
  5. Use darker colors for the shadow parts, including the patterns in that shadow.
  6. You can add bright colors to highlight the shiny parts of the planet.
  7. Now that you are done with one planet, why don’t you give it some friends with cute dots and blinky stars?

Step 5: Go with Your Creative Urge

how draw a planet final

Why stop at one planet when we can create an entire galaxy, right?

You’ve mastered drawing a planet; now you can create similar images with unique patterns of your choice, leaning on different angles to create a dynamic galaxy.

With the additional planets and details, you may create a complete picture of the planet’s place in the universe.

Good luck!

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