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How to Draw Tables

how to draw a table overview

Is it your plan to show your study area in a drawing, but you find yourself unable to sketch a decent table? Do you prefer to make the drawing more interesting by adding perspective desks?

Our step-by-step guide and inspiring ideas will help you draw your own table, whether you want to stick to simple lines or create three-dimensional versions. Using this article as a starting point, you may easily draw any kind of table you want.

Difficult level Medium – Inteermediate
Estimate time 30m
Material recommendation Pen, marker, crayon, brush, color pencil, paper or canvas

How to Draw a Table – Step by step

how to draw type of tables

Well, the table has two parts: the face and the legs. Tables can have all kinds of face shapes, depending on their functionality and aesthetic purpose. So whichever you choose to draw, it’s really a personal preference.

About the table legs, if you want to draw the table in simple and flat lines, you might only need to draw two. However, if you want to take the challenge up a notch, let’s draw a perspective table where we can see all its legs.

Step 1: Draw the Table Face

draw a table step 1

draw a table step 2

The table face starts with a shape. Let’s begin practicing by drawing two types of table faces: square and round.

Draw/imagine the two axes (the red lines) to determine your table’s dimensions.

  • A flat table with a square, a rectangle, or a circular face can be drawn with these axis perpendiculars.
  • Meanwhile, we can create a perspective drawing of the table face in the shape of a parallelogram or elip if they lean in a particular direction.

Step 2: Create the Table Shape

draw a table step 3

Now, it’s time to draw the table:

  • Draw 2 parallel lines with the same length and connect the two lines to make your table face.
  • Now, the four legs are supposed to make a box shape with the face. So, draw a similar shape as the face and connect the 2 shapes by their edges. Those edges will be your table legs.

Step 3: Draw the Leg(s)

draw a table step 4

It’s rather interesting to draw different types of table legs. You can put four legs at the edges or just draw one right in the middle of the table.

Step 4: Leg(s) and Thickness

draw a table step 5

For the table to look sturdy like it should be in real life, its face and legs should have some thickness.

  1. Now, draw the thickness of the table face using parallel lines right below the original face shape.
  2. For the legs, draw parallel lines with the edges.
  3. To complete the table, you should erase all the lines you cannot see.

Step 5: Add some Lovely Details

draw a table step 6

Well, there should be something on the table, right? You can add some apples, maybe several books, some cups of tea, or anything you want to make the table look lovely.

Full details of a Table Drawing

After you’ve practiced creating the table of your choice, the fun part begins as you draw additional elements to make the picture more vibrant.
To show the angles of the table, color it in bright and dark hues of the same color. Also, remember to draw the shadows behind the chair and table to add depth to your drawing.

how to draw a table final


If you enjoy this simple instruction that helps you visualize the steps to drawing any style of table you desire, please share it with others who enjoy creating an image of their corners, starting with a table.

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