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How to Fix Binder Rings

how to fix binder rings

Binder rings can be used to fill documents and hold marketing materials. But with regular usage and aging, some issues may arise with your binder rings that make them inefficient which can affect the neatness and the proper organization of your documents.

So, how to fix binder rings? This article lists all the issues that may happen with your binder rings and all the possible solutions that you can do to rectify the problem. Please see the lists below.

Fixing Gaps on Binder Rings

After some time, you may notice some gaps in the binder rings due to improper usage. These gaps are usually caused by the rings’ distortion when the user misuses them. When you are pulling the wrong part or applying too much force, it can lead to gaps in your binder rings.

The right way to open your binder rings is to pull the middle two rings or push the tab opening. There are two types of gaps that you can find in binding rings. One gap happens when two sides of the ring are misaligned. The other one is when the two sides of the ring are aligned, but the gap is still present.

Fixing the Gap when the Ring is not Aligned

fixing height difference between two sides  rings

When the two sides of the ring are not aligned, it will create a gap and make the ring not close perfectly. To fix this issue, you need to open the ring and apply force on the two sides in opposite directions to eliminate the gap.

You do not need to use too much force when correcting the issue. Pushing gently will adjust the two sides of the ring and eventually eliminate the gap when you close it. Check if the gap is gone, or you can repeat the process until the gap is corrected.

Fixing the Gap if the Ring is Aligned

If the ring still has gaps even if it is aligned, it means it is pulled. The usual cause of this issue is when the owner pulls the rings too hard when opening the binder rings. To fix this issue, you need first to open the rings.

The key is you need to hold the ring beside the ring that needs to be corrected. This action will allow you to generate enough force and prevent the ring from closing on you when you push the defective ring inward.

You can do the same process on the other side of the ring. After doing the other side, close the binder ring and check if the gap is gone. If the issue is still there, repeat the same process until the gap is eliminated.

Fixing the Height Difference Between Two Sides of the Rings

fixing gaps on binder rings

Another common problem that you encounter with your binder rings is when they are not at the same height. One is higher than the other. Try to open and close the binder rings repeatedly to correct the issue.

If all of the rings come in different heights, there is probably some internal problem in the binder. Try pressing the rings at a higher height to adjust and put them back in the right alignment. If there are only one or two higher rings, you can specifically push them down to get back to their proper alignments.

Binder with Removable Rings

There are binders available in the market that come with removable rings. When you encounter issues with rings that are beyond repair, you must replace the full ring with a new one. With their binders, replacing the ring with a new one is easy.

Things to Remember to Prevent Gaps in Binder Rings

Improper usage and storage of your binding rings can lead to gaps. But to prevent this issue from happening, there are certain things that you need to do to protect your binding rings. First, when you are putting the binder in the bag, put the binding side up and not on the side.

If you have more than one binder, you can put the second binder with the binding side on the bottom of your bag. If you have more than two binders, do the same process with the other binders alternating their position.

Second, when buying binders, you need to look for those with looking tabs found at the bottom or the top. When you have the locking tabs, you can use this part in opening or closing the binders. The tabs will eliminate the constant pulling of the binder rings that causes the gaps.


Owning a binder is the best way to organize your files and store them properly. However, there will be times when issues may arise from your binding rings. So, knowing these issues and learning how to fix binder rings is essential to make the binder last longer.

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