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How to Get Silly Putty Out of Blankets

how to get silly putty out of blankets

There are many reasons why children like putty as their toy. But the problem with this plastic toy is that it can get messy and stain essential parts of the house, such as blankets and many other places. But how to get silly putty out of blankets and other parts that it may stain? Read this article to find different methods to remove the stain without damaging the area effectively.

Method No. 1: Freezing the Blanket

Once it stains any surface, the silly putty acts similarly to gum which is difficult to remove. But one way to effectively remove it from the surface of a blanket or any other surface is to freeze it. Freezing the silly putty will make it easier to remove without leaving any unnecessary marks on the surface of the blanket.

But how do you freeze the silly putty? Try to freeze the blanket overnight if you can. However, blankets made of some type of fabric are not suitable for freezing. An alternative is to use an ice cube which I will discuss later.

After freezing, you will notice that the putty is already cracked, which is now easier to remove. When this situation happens, you can start peeling and removing the putty away from the blanket. If you are still having a hard time removing the putty, you can repeat the same process until such time that the putty is peeled off easily.

Once the silly putty is removed, you can now proceed with cleaning your blanket the usual way. You can try to apply detergents and fabric softeners to ensure that your blanket goes back to its natural form.

Alternative Method: Using Ice Cube

As I mentioned earlier, some fabrics are not suitable for freezing, so you need to find an alternative way to freeze the putty. A good way is to apply an ice cube to the silly putty. The effect of an ice cube is similar to that of freezing the blanket overnight.

However, you need to first remove the large portion of the putty stuck into the fabric. Using a knife can help you remove some of the putty that sticks into the fabric. Just make sure to do it carefully to prevent damaging the fabric’s surface.

Once you have removed the putty with the knife, the next step is to apply the ice cube to the remaining putty on the blanket. These putty are challenging to remove since they probably meshed deeply into the fabric and have probably hardened. Apply the ice cube to the fabric with the stain for a few minutes until you feel that the putty is already softened.

Once the putty is soft because of the ice cube application, you can further clean the surface by applying a rubbing alcohol. You will only need a small amount of alcohol using a cotton ball. Once you apply the alcohol, it is expected that the oil and the dye coming from the putty will be removed.

Finally, once the stain from the putty is removed, proceed to clean the area with dish soap and a small amount of water. Then, you can clean the whole blanket if you want to complete the procedure and make the blanket feel new again.

silly putty out of blankets

Method No. 2: By Using a Lubricant

If your blanket is made of fleece material, freezing or putting an ice cube may not be a good idea. Fleece is known for being a soft synthetic material that can make it challenging to remove putty stains once it is stuck on the fabric.

In this situation, you can still remove the putty without damaging the stone using a popular lubricant called WD-40. This lubricant is very effective in removing stains and should be readily available in the market.

But you must first scrape off the large portion of the putty using a knife. Once the putty is removed, you can now start applying the WD-40 lubricant to the surface with a stain on the blanket. If you can, soak it for about three minutes. You can apply more lubricant to enhance the effectiveness while wiping the affected area using a clean cloth.

After that, get another clean cloth and soak it with alcohol. Rub the cloth in the area for a few minutes. Then, apply some dish soap to the affected area to maximize the result. Once the stain is removed, you can now proceed to rinse it using a clean cloth damped with water.

Once everything is clear, you can now thoroughly wash the blanket that way it is being regularly cleaned. Doing this action will help make the blanket feel new again without the remnants of the silly putty.


The silly putty can be annoying once it stains in the blanket and other places in our home. Luckily, there are many ways how to get silly putty out of blankets and other materials. Silly putty is challenging to remove once it is stained in the blanket, but the methods we presented have been proven to remove it with ease.

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