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How to Label Child’s Backpack


Protecting your child’s belongings in school is essential to being a responsible parent. Your child’s backpack is one of these belongings that you need to protect since it is not coincidental that there will be similar backpacks from other children in school.

So, to make sure that you and your child can identify the backpack, putting a label on it can be done. But how to label a child’s backpack? This article will show different ways and other related information that you can do when labeling the backpack.

Do-It-Yourself Labeling

An easy and affordable way to label your child’s backpack is to be creative using materials that can be found inside our home. Please see some of the methods you can do below:

Using a Masking Tape

If you have masking tape in your home, you can use it to label your child’s backpack. It will be nicer if you use colored masking tape to be more creative with your labels. Creating shapes like circles, hard, square, and other shapes will make the child happy with the label.

The best thing about using masking tape is its affordability. You do not need to spend much money to make a label. Furthermore, when the child is bored with the old label, you can easily make another new label to make the child happy.

Using Permanent Marker


The simplest way to label your child’s backpack is through the use of a permanent marker. Not only that, this method is arguably the cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to make a label for your child’s backpack.

But when it comes to permanent markers, make sure to use the water-proof based type because they can be used on any surface and offer water-resistant properties. Furthermore, you can have the option to use plain black markers or those multi-colored ones and get creative with the labels.

Using Scrap Fabric

If you do not want to write the backpack and mess it up, a great alternative is to use a scrap fabric as the label. What you do is cut a rectangular fabric scrap followed by putting it in any area of the backpack that you like.

One option is to stitch the fabric directly to the backpack to create the label. Another way is to loop it in the handle while stitching it near the end. If you do not want to sew it into the backpack, you can use a safety pin to attach it to the backpack. But this way is less secure than stitching it directly to the bag.

Labels that you can Purchase


Aside from DIY labels, there are some things you can buy online or in a physical store that you can use as labels. Please check some of them below.

Luggage Tags

You can buy luggage tags online and convert them into a label for your child’s backpack. The best thing about this option is that once it arrives in your home, you will generally just put it in the backpack, and it is good to go.

I can say that the luggage tag is an upgraded version of the scrap fabric. You can attach this to the handle of the backpack or the zipper. Also, you do not need to deal with needles, as the tags will be immediately ready once it is in your position.

Label Makers

If you have the resources, why not buy a label-maker device to create labels for your child’s backpack? The best thing about having this handheld device is that you can make labels for the backpack and the other stuff your kid brings to school.

You can even make labels for all the other things in your house. The only issue I can find when using this method is when the backpack gets wet. The labels can get messy and will make the backpack dirty.

Fabric Paint

Another option for you is to use fabric paint. I only recommend this method if you have nice and steady hands. Using the fabric paint to paint a picture or draw a symbol that serves as the label for your child’s backpack.

Fabric Stamp

You can also use a fabric stamp to create a label for your child’s backpack. This method is much easier and can be personalized by putting your child’s name on the stamp. The only issue with this technique is it can get the bag messy.

Getting a Personalized Bag

A personalized bag is a unique way to label your child’s backpack. The most significant advantage of this method is your ability to customize anything you want, including pre-labelling the bag. This method may be expensive, but it is all worth it.

Other Things to Consider when Labeling Children’s Backpacks


When labeling your child’s backpack, there are certain things that you need to remember for the safety of your child. First, it is not ideal to put your child’s name on a label in the area of the backpack that can easily be seen.

Because in doing so, you will expose your child’s name to predators and be used to call your child. It is easy to get the child’s attention when their name calls them. So, make sure to put the labels in a secret location on the backpack.

In addition, you can also get creative by labeling the backpack without the name of your child. You can use pictures or images your kid likes, or you can also put the initials or other symbols that your child can easily recognize.


Knowing how to label a child’s backpack is essential, but there are things you need to remember concerning the kid’s security. It is necessary to be creative when making a label and never put it in a prominent place in the backpack. After all, when making a label, put your child’s safety as a priority.

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