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How to Make Adhesive Sticky Again

how to make adhesive sticky again

Stickers bring a lot of usage to anyone using it. However, the adhesives of stickers do not last forever, and there will come a time when the adhesive will not stick anymore. However, the good news is that there are many things that you can do for the adhesives to be effective again.

If you want to know how to make adhesive sticky again, read this article from start to finish and be informed. All the techniques and methods that anyone can do are listed for anyone to learn how to do it.

Reapplying New Adhesive

When stickers are falling off, learning how to make old stickers sticky again is essential. If the stickers have been sticking on a surface for a long time, there is a good chance that the adhesive has already lost its stickiness.

But to make the sticker useful again, you can easily apply a new adhesive for you to use it again. In this technique, you can use an external adhesive which should be readily available anywhere in any craft store.

Look for a spray adhesive because it is easier to use and apply to the sticker’s surface. The procedure is so easy during the application. All you have to do is spray at the back of the stickers and let them dry for a while, following the instructions of the adhesive’s manufacturer. Expect the sticker to be stickier again once the new adhesive dries on the surface.

Cleaning the Adhesive

cleaning the adhesive

One reason a sticker loses its stickiness is when the adhesives at the back accumulate a lot of dirt. If the sticker is too essential for you to throw away, you can still recover the effectiveness of the adhesive by removing all the dirt that accumulates on the surface.

To do it, try to run the sticker in warm water. This technique will loosen and remove the dirt that sticks to the adhesive. Then, try to put the sticker again on the surface and see if it is stickier already. If not, try to rub the back of the sticker with a pencil eraser. This method will help in making the sticker stick again on the surface.

Using Adhesive Tape

A ticker that also lost the effectiveness of its adhesive can still be recovered to make it work again through the use of adhesive tape. In this method, the original adhesive of the sticker will be replaced by the stickiness of the adhesive tape.

But when you do it, you first need to clean the area where the adhesive is located in the sticker. Try to remove all the dirt that stickers into the adhesive. Once the surface is clean, cut a piece of adhesive tape and put it into the sticker. After this step, you will see that your sticker is good as new.

Using Rubber Cement

using rubber cement

Making the adhesive stickier again can also be done using rubber cement. With this technique, you also need to have a paintbrush and water to be used in making a formulation. The right formulation is one part water and one part rubber cement mixed well.

Once you have the formulation and the complete mixture, you can apply them to the back of the sticker using the paintbrush. Try to put the sticker to the surface and expect it to stick correctly with its new adhesives at the back.

Using Double-Sided Tape

using double-sided tape

Another way to make the adhesive of the sticker sticky again is through the use of double-sided tape. But to do this technique, you will need to clean the sticker first to ensure that all the dirt will be removed before the application.

Once the sticker is ready, cut enough double-sided tape to cover the whole sticker. The size should be smaller compared to the sticker. Put it on the sticker’s surface by pressing it down firmly to make it secure. Then, remove the other side of the double-sided tape to make the sticker good as new.

Make the Adhesive Sticky Again With This Simple Procedures

Sometimes, you feel that the adhesive of a sticker is losing its stickiness because of other reasons. Little did you know that the sticker is not a problem but the surface where you apply the sticker.

When the surface is full of dirt, like dust or oil, it can lessen the adhesive’s effectiveness, making the sticker fall off easily. So, the best thing to do is clean the surface well using isopropyl alcohol and let the surface dry after removing all the dirt. Try to stick the sticker and see for yourself if the adhesive is working fine.

Another rule you must remember is never to touch the adhesive when putting the sticker on the surface. Touching the sticker can reduce the adhesives’ effectiveness, especially when your finger is wet. So, make sure to avoid the adhesive before putting the sticker on the surface.

Applying a small amount of heat can also help in enhancing the effectiveness of the adhesive. The heat will somehow activate the adhesive and make it stick better. This step can be used if you feel the adhesive has lost its stickiness over time.


When your sticker is not sticking the way it used to, learning how to make adhesive sticky again will be helpful to make it stick again. Stickers do not stick forever, so there will come a time when the adhesive will lose its effectiveness. This article recommends different techniques that will make the adhesives stick again.

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