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How to Make Glitter Glue Dry Faster

how to make glitter glue dry faster

Using glitter glue in your crafting projects brings so much upside. The sparkling combination helps minimize the mess from loose glitter to glue applications while also creating an excellent seal and reducing material waste. The only problem with glitter glue is it takes time to dry after application.

But how to make glitter glue dry faster? There will be moments when you must immediately get the glitter glue to dry in a particular project. However, there are several techniques that you can do to make it dry faster. Please see below.

Method Drying Time
Drying Under the Sun At Least 20 Minutes
Drying with Hair Dryer 2 to 5 Minutes
Drying with a Fan 10 to 20 Minutes

Drying Under the Sun

drying glitter glue under the sun

If you want to know how to dry little glue on fabric fast, drying it naturally under the sun is the easiest thing to do. In this method, the heat coming from the sun will help evaporate the liquid part of the glue. However, this method will only be effective if the sun shines on that particular day.

What you will do is open a space that has access to the sunlight near a window. You open the window to let the sunlight come inside and the breeze blow on the glittering glue. The breeze will also contribute to drying the glue.

Put your project in a place where there is access to sunlight near the window. It should take around 20 minutes or less before the glitter glue completely dries. Check your project from time to time and see if the glue dries quickly before the 20 minutes.

Drying with a Hair Dryer

Another method that will help make the glitter glue dry faster is using a hair dryer. Since this device blows ambient or hot air, it can also help make glitter glue dries faster than expected. Set the device to low or medium heat before the application process.

Find a place where you can comfortably blow dry the glitter glue. But before the application, make sure that the hotness is just enough. If you feel that the air temperature is too high, change to a lower setting.

During the drying process, you need to keep the devices some distance of about ten inches from the glitter glue. This technique will prevent the glue from warping as you try to make it dry completely using the hair dryer.

From time to time, you can wave the hair dryer’s nozzle during the drying process. Do not keep the dryer still to allow a balanced distribution of the heat to the different parts of the glitter glue. The fan drying process should take around two to five minutes.

Drying with a Fan

Another device you can use to help make the glitter glue dry faster is a fan. But when using a small fan, you must ensure that your crafting project stays put when the fan starts to blow.

The good idea is to use paperweights to weigh down the project on a table. Another method you can use is a clothesline to pin up the project using a clothespin. A unique way is to put your project on the side of the refrigerator using a magnet.

Set the fan to a medium or low setting during the drying process. If you feel that the airflow coming from the fan is too strong, then adjust the setting of the fan accordingly. Just make sure that the fan will not blow away the project during the drying process.

Drying the glitter glue should take around 10 minutes. But it all depends on the amount of glitter glue in your crafting project. The drying process may reach up to 20 minutes if there is a huge amount of glue on the project.

How Long Does Glitter Glue Take to Dry

drying glitter glue with fans

Glitter glue is an excellent bonding agent when working with various arts and crafts projects. Whether it is a poster, paper, or clay material, the versatility of glitter glue can be used in so many ways for your various projects.

The only problem with glitter glue is it takes a longer time to dry giving some inconvenience to projects that need to be finished quickly. Since glitter glue is water-based, it will take around 30 minutes to up to 24 hours for this glue to dry completely.

But it all depends on several factors, including the current atmospheric conditions and the amount of glue applied in a particular project. If you want the glitter glue to dry quickly, then using the methods listed above should help you.


Glitter glue is an excellent tool for any art and craft project. The only issue with this adhesive is it takes a while for it to dry completely. So, learning how to make glitter glue dry faster is essential when you do not have the luxury of tile. This article presented three different ways to make glitter glue faster. All of the technique uses simple materials and are easy to do.

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