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How to Organize Crayons

how to organize crayons

Finding out that your child really enjoys coloring and using coloring books is a happy moment for moms and dads. Coloring is great because it’s something you can do together, and it helps your child learn to play independently while being creative.

But, when you’re having fun with coloring, something not so fun happens – crayons can end up all over the place, they get lost, and sometimes they break into tiny pieces that end up where you don’t expect them to be.

So, how to organize crayons? One way to organize is by using bins of various colors. Additionally, you can put caddies with handles inside a cart. Baskets and caddies work well with a rolling cart and are also convenient storage choices for placing on a shelf or inside a closet. Let us find out other ways to organize crayons below.

Keep Them in the Box They Came In

keep them in the box they came in

Indeed, keeping crayons in the box they originally came in can be an effective and simple way to organize them. Crayon boxes are designed to hold crayons securely and are usually color-coded to help you quickly identify the shades you need.

This method is particularly convenient if you have a small collection of crayons or if you want to keep them all together in their original packaging. Just be sure to handle the box with care to prevent it from tearing or getting damaged over time.

Sorting Your Crayons by Colors

sorting your crayons by colors

Crayons come in a kaleidoscope of colors, so sorting them by color is brilliant. This makes finding the perfect shade a breeze when you’re coloring. You can use separate containers or bags for each color group. This keeps them organized and adds a touch of order to your creative space.

A good example is if you want to know how to organize 64 crayons by color, start by sorting them into color groups, such as reds, blues, greens, and so on. Then, choose a suitable storage solution like a crayon box, plastic organizer, basket, muffin tin, or ziplock bag, depending on your preference.

Arrange the crayons within the chosen container by placing each color or color group together. Optionally, label the sections or bags for easy identification. Remember to periodically check and maintain this organization to ensure your crayons stay neatly sorted by color, making them readily accessible for your creative endeavors.

Utilizing the Right Containers

plastic organizers crayons

additional tips for organizing crayons

Containers are your trusty allies in the quest for crayon organization. Here are some options:

  • Crayon Boxes: These classic cardboard boxes are a time-honored choice. They can accommodate a sizable collection of crayons and can even be decorated to reflect your unique style.
  • Plastic Organizers: These modular containers come with separate compartments for each crayon. They’re available in various sizes to suit the size of your crayon collection. The best part is that you can quickly expand your organizer if your collection grows.
  • Ziplock Bags: If you have a smaller number of crayons or need a portable solution, ziplock bags are a simple yet effective choice. Place crayons of the same color in each bag and label them for quick identification.
  • Labeling or Color Coding for Quick Access: Enhance the efficiency of your crayon storage by adding labels or using a color-coding system. This adds a visual element to your organization and ensures that crayons find their way back to their designated spots after use, keeping your collection tidy and accessible.

Additional Tips for Organizing Crayons

ziplock bags organizers crayon

  • Regular Maintenance: Keeping your crayons organized is an ongoing task. Set aside some time periodically to inspect your crayon collection. Make sure all crayons are in their designated color groups or containers. This simple and quick routine helps prevent crayons from getting mixed up or lost over time.
  • Teach Organization Skills to Kids: If you’re organizing crayons for children, use the opportunity to teach them essential organization skills. Explain the concept of colors and sorting, and emphasize the importance of keeping things neat and tidy. Encourage your little ones to develop the habit of putting crayons back in their designated spots once they’re done. This early exposure to organization fosters responsibility and good habits from a young age.
  • Get Creative with Broken Crayons: Don’t fret if you have broken crayons lying around—turn this mishap into an exciting project! Transform those broken crayon bits into new, multi-colored crayons by melting them down and pouring the melted wax into silicone molds. This recycles crayon remnants and introduces a delightful and unique element to your coloring adventures. It’s an excellent way to encourage creativity and resourcefulness in repurposing art supplies.


If you want to learn how to organize crayons, keeping things tidy should be the priority. These tips help you sort crayons by color and will teach kids to stay neat. Plus, you can turn broken crayons into cool ones. By following these ideas, you will have organized crayons and colorful adventures.

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