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How to Personalize Pencils?

how to personalize pencils

As much as I love pencils, there are several instances when they look kind of bland. If you have school-aged kids, why not turn their pencils into something that could inspire them to learn more?

If your kids like colorful things, you can turn their bland pencils into colorful writing implements that will encourage them to write and learn even more. By knowing how to personalize pencils, you will not only greatly improve how these items look but also inspire the user of the pencil.

In addition, personalizing pencils does not necessarily need complicated tools and techniques. Some methods are quite simple and easy to do and anyone can do them. Here are some suggestions that you can try out at home.

Different Ways to Personalize Pencils

There are many ways for you to personalize pencils, ranging from subtle changes to downright changing how they look. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Stamped Pencils

stamped pencils

This is a great way to write names on pencils permanently. If you are looking for a way how to put a name on a pencil, this is a good technique. Also, you can stamp motivational quotes to give your little learners a morale boost when they feel down.

What to prepare:

  • A metal stamp set – Get a set that measures 3mm so that the letters fit perfectly on the flat sides of pencils.
  • A small jeweler’s hammer – If you cannot find a jeweler’s hammer, any hammer will do. Just tap it lightly.
  • A rubber mat – You can also use a couple of sheets of newspapers or some old magazines. Anything to keep the pencils from sliding while you stamp them will be useful.
  • Markers – You can use any color you want. It is even possible for you to use different markers. I suggest using metallic ink markers as they show up quite nicely.
  • A piece of cloth
  • Some rubbing alcohol

Detailed steps:

Step 1: Layout your letters. Map out where you will be placing the letters. It would be best to write down what you will be stamping on the pencils so you will not make a mistake. Keep in mind that you will not be able to erase any mistakes once you have stamped them into the pencils.

Step 2: Carefully stamp your letters into the pencils. Lay the pencil on the mat, making sure that it is perfectly flat on the surface. Pick the right metal stamp and place it on the pencil.

Step 3: Hold it securely and then give it a couple of firm taps using the hammer. Make sure the stamped letters are deep enough that you can read them clearly and you can feel them with your fingertips.

Step 4: Write over the stamped letters with markers. To make the letters even more visible, you should write over them using markers. Make sure that the ink goes into the stamped letters.

Step 5: Grab a piece of cloth then soak it in some rubbing alcohol and water. After that, proceed to wipe away the excess ink. This should leave just the ink that is in the stamped letter.

Mod Podge Designs on Pencils

mod podge designs on pencils

Do you want to add your flair as well as a couple of words of encouragement on your pencils? You can do so using the crafter’s best friend – the Mod Podge.

What to prepare:

  • A printer
  • Colored paper – You can use colored paper that is the same color as the pencils.
  • An X-acto knife – You can also use box cutters if you do not have an X-acto knife.
  • Mod Podge

Detailed steps:

Step 1: Print out your messages or names. You can use whatever word processor that you have on your computer. Test a couple of test pages on some scrap paper to make sure that your printouts are the right size for the pencils.

Step 2: Cut out the words. Using an X-acto knife or a box cutter. Cut out the words carefully. They should be roughly the same thickness as the flat sides of the pencil.

Step 3: Use Mod Podge to stick the letters. Spread a bit of Mod Podge on the backs of the paper strips. Stick them on the pencils. Wait for the Mod Podge to dry a bit and then brush more Mod Podge over the paper to secure the paper on the pencil.

Other Simple Methods of Personalizing Pencils

simple methods of personalizing pencils

Colorful Transparent Pens

You can do this with pens that have transparent barrels – the ones where you can see the ink tube. Unscrew the cap and pull out the ink tube. Get some washi tape. The more colorful the better. Wrap the ink tube. Just one layer of tape should be enough. Replace the ink into the barrel and screw the top back on.

Washi Tape-Covered Pens

This is similar to the one mentioned above but this time, you will be wrapping the washi tape on the pen barrel itself. Wrap the outside of the pen completely with washi tape, and then use an X-acto knife to trim the excess from the ends.

Seal the tape in place by brushing Mod Podge over it. Be careful not to get anything at the tips beyond the washi tape. Wait for the Mod Podge to dry completely before using the pen.

Flower Pen

You can use any kind of pen for this one. Grab a bunch of green pipe cleaners and proceed to wrap it around the barrel of the pen. Use a couple of dabs of super glue to keep it in place. Once you completely cover the pen with pipe cleaners, take fake leaves and flowers and super glue them on the end of the pen.


Now that you know a couple of ways how to personalize pencils, you can now make the otherwise boring writing tools a bit more fun and exciting. You do not need any fancy tools or equipment. It is even highly likely that you already have most of them at home.

Regardless of whether you are personalizing pencils for yourself or other people, you will undoubtedly improve them significantly. In addition, if these pencils can bring a smile to someone’s face, the minimal effort required makes it well worth it.

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