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How to Remove Staples from Paper

how to remove staples from paper

Most offices need help dealing with documents that are stapled together. Most people need help to efficiently remove staples, especially on a thick pile of papers. However, there are simple solutions that you can do to get rid of staples.

So, how to remove staples properly? Removing staples can be a little time-consuming. There are many ways to remove from staple, whether it’s from a stacked pile of documents or from a leftover on a wood surface. Please see below.

Removing Staples from Paper Documents

The best way to remove staples from paper is to choose the right staple remover for the type of removal process you need. Many types of staple removers can be used, but choosing the best depends on the job at hand.

type of staple remover

An “office style” staple remover can get the job done by removing a staple wire. It comes with a scissor-like design that lets the user position its end part and go over the staple claps. This technique will allow the user to pull and loosen the staple for easy removal.

Then, the “spring-activated” staple remover offers simplicity and affordability when removing staples. This type of staple remover comes with claws that can pinch open the staple’s back clasps to allow the user to pull and release the staple in the paper.

Lastly, if you want to know how to remove staples from paper without a staple remover, you can use your bare hands, specifically your finger, to remove the staple. But this method is only applicable if you are removing staples on a small number of documents. If you are removing a bigger stack of documents, you need to use any of the two staple removers mentioned above.

Steps in Removing Staples from Paper

Step 1: Positioning the Paper with Staple

The first step is to position the paper upside down to allow you to check on the staple. Please note that the back part of the staple must form into prongs that must be straightened out when removing them to prevent tearing the paper too much during the removal process.

When positioning the paper, show the side of the staple with the prongs and position it facing upward on a table. If you see that the prongs are already broken, you can use your hand to pull the staple.

Step 2: Lifting the Prongs Using the Staple Remover

lifting the prongs

The next step is to position the staple remover’s claws properly over the prongs of the staple. Then, pinch the staple open. This action will not remove the staple entirely that will straighten the two prongs which were holding and support the staple when attached to the paper.

When this step is done, it will be easier to remove the staple in the next step. However, suppose you are using the “spring-type” staple remover. In that case, you need to ensure that the small teeth are correctly positioned to allow you to pinch them easily without damaging the document.

Step 3: Removing the Staple

removing the staple

Once the prongs are straightened, it is much easier to remove the staple now. All you have to do is flip over the paper and use the staple remover to remove the staple. You can even use your hands to finish the job.

Once the staples are removed, you need to collect the staples in one container. This method will allow you to properly dispose of the staples properly. Keeping trash beside the desk is essential when removing piles of documents to enable the loose staple to go directly into the container for proper disposal.

In the early days, I always ask if I have to remove staples from the paper before recycling. The answer to the question is a big yes. And this method is the best way to do it. Placing the removed staples allows you to quickly and properly dispose of the staples for recycling.

Removing Staples from Wood

You can also remove staples used from wood easily. All you have to do is find the proper staple remover that you can use. There are a few tools that you can use when removing staples on a wooden surface.

The first and most reliable tool that you can use is the flathead screwdriver and pliers. You can use the screwdriver to pry up or separate the screws, while the pliers will be used to pull the screws away from the wooden surface.

Office-style staple remover can also be used, but there are limitations in using it because of its size. You can also look for a flat pry-bar staple remover to remove the staple. Remember to use knee pads when removing staples on floors.


Removing a staple remover from paper or from wood so not be difficult and time-consuming. For this reason, learning how to remove staples from paper will help you do the job efficiently. The key to removing staples is using a suitable staple remover to do the job regardless if you are removing from papers or wooden surfaces.

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