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How to Seal Glitter on Fabric Using Different Glues

how to seal glitter on fabric

Glitter on fabric makes it all shiny and shimmery, and it also adds to the glamor. It’s all fun and sparkly until you see a trail of glitters all over. Sealing glitter on fabric does not have to be frustrating. So how to seal glitter on fabric securely using different glues? All you really need are suitable materials.

How to Make Glitters Stick on Fabric

If you already have an existing fabric with glitters on it, what you need to know is how to make glitters stick on the material. How do you prevent any more glitters from falling off?

Hair Spray Solution

Don’t worry when you do not have the time to conduct a proper time-consuming remedy for your falling glitters. There is an easy but temporary fix to keeping glitter stuck on fabric and hair spray – yes, the hair spray used to keep hair in place. You can use any brand with any capacity.

Just get a towel or an extra bed sheet to place over your work area. The spray that will accidentally go on them will be easy to remove. Next, place your fabric over the towel, and you can start spraying.

Hold the hair spray about 10 inches away from the fabric. Spraying from ten inches away will allow for more coverage area, and no clumps of the mist will form when dry. Since the adhesive is easily removed by water, I suggest you wash the fabric very gently. And respray it the next time you use it.

Fabric Glue Solution

If you are in for a more tedious job, then you can try using fabric glue. Before you get to the sticking part, gently shake off the loose glue over a dry container. The container will catch the glitter you will stick on the fabric.

Using fabric glue will only allow you to stick a piece or two of the loose glitters at a time. Fabric glue is a lot more time-consuming, but it guarantees a more secure adhesion.

How to Seal Glitter on Fabric Using Different Glues

how to make glitter stick to fabric

If you are starting on blank fabric, and I mean a material with no glitters on, read on. Listed below are three glue types and how to seal glitter on fabric using them.

Apply Glitter Glue on Fabric

One of the easiest ways to seal glitter on fabric is using glitter glue. Glitter glue comes in stick form that you can insert in a glue gun. It also offers a wide variety of colors you can choose from. And since the glitter is incorporated into the glue, there is no worrying about having the glitter fall off.

The downside to using glitter glue is that you could get a thick line of it as you apply it to the fabric. If that’s how you want it, then great; if not, you can still control the amount of glitter glue that comes out.

And if you are in a hurry, you might have to think twice about using this because the drying time takes time. It works on all sorts of fabric aside from silk.

Seal Glitter with Fabric Glue

The fabric glue also works when you need to apply glitter on a glitter-less fabric. For this one, you can brush the glue on your fabric to the shape you want the glitter to appear. Then, sprinkle the glitter of your choice over it.

Let it rest for a couple of minutes until the glue dries up; sometimes, it does not even take a minute to settle. Get the fabric and gently shake off the loose glitter over a container when it’s dry. You can apply another coat of glue and glitter by then.

When choosing fabric glue, check if it is the permanent or the temporary. You can opt for a removable glitter design or a fixed one.

Seal Glitter with PVA Glue

Another glue you can use is PVA glue. The PVA glue is a multipurpose adhesive. A great thing about this glue type is that it dries clear. You will definitely not notice it when it dries. And it works on all kinds of fabric too.

Applying the PVA glue with using the fabric glue. Brush the glue over the fabric and shimmer glitter over it. You can also repeat the process if need be once the first application dries up. On a side note, the PVA can also be used on other surfaces.


You don’t have to give up on using glittered fabric just because the glitters don’t stick well enough. Give your fabric the shimmer it deserves using these different types of glues. And with knowing how to seal glitter on fabric using these different glues, your fabric would be sparkling in no time.

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