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How to Store Construction Paper

how to store construction paper

Construction paper is popular for its versatility and is often found in schools, offices, and homes. Many people prefer to buy it in large quantities but don’t know how to store construction paper in an organized way.

This article explains how to store construction paper to prevent them from getting destroyed and to make them easier to find.

Storing Construction Paper

Construction paper comes in different sizes, colors, weights, and extra features. This is what makes its storage more complicated for many people. Here’s a guide on how to store construction paper at home, office, or school.

Step 1: Sort Out the Construction Paper

If you’re always having a hard time finding your construction paper, then it’s best to keep an inventory of them to determine the kind of storage you need.

You can sort out the construction according to the following.


Construction paper is typically classified according to size. The most common size is 9’x12″ but the paper also comes in other sizes such as 24″x36″, 18″x24”, and 12″x18”.


Construction paper can be organized according to its weight in grams per square meter or more popularly referred to as GSM. A lightweight construction paper is roughly around 100 to 110 GSM while a heavyweight is around 120 to 130 GSM.


You can also sort out construction papers according to their colors. This is particularly beneficial when you use the paper for craftwork. Construction paper comes in solid colors, glittery colors, and even two-shade tones.

Extra features

You can also organize your construction paper according to its extra features. You can set aside the flame retardant papers or those that don’t easily light up when fire comes near them.

You can also separate the fade-resistant ones, or the construction papers capable of keeping their color and vibrance for a long time

Step 2: Choose Your Storage

storage organizer

Now that you have organized your construction paper according to different classifications, then it’s time to choose the right storage organizer for them. You have various choices and all of them can protect the construction paper from harmful elements.

Box storage

This type of storage comes in a stackable or collapsible design as it is meant to save space. A box organizer comes with several pockets, sections, and massive storage space. Some have lids to protect the construction paper from light and dust

Portable file storage

This organizer looks like an expandable folder. It comes with partitions and label panels. It is perfect for lightweight and small-sized construction papers. You can store as many as 200 sheets of paper. The main advantage of this organizer is its portability.

Standing tiered storage

This type has a shelf-like structure and several sections stacked on top of one another. It is highly durable, thanks to its metallic or wood material built. A typical standing-tiered organizer has four to five tiers, providing you with ample storage.

If you’re wondering how to store large construction paper, then your best bet is to go for standing-tiered organizer storage. You can even have one made to ensure that the biggest construction paper you store will fit.

Hanging wall storage

These are wall-mountable ones, allowing you to save lots of space. They, however, often come with low storage capacity.

Step 3: Choose a Spot for Your Storage Organizer

how to store large construction paper

Choose a good spot for your paper storage organizer. You must choose a dry, cool, and dark environment for your organizers and papers.

Refrain from placing the organizers and the papers in an area with high humidity and heat as they can cause the construction paper to become moldy or brittle. Likewise, sunlight can also cause the discoloration of most papers including construction papers.

The spot you choose for your paper storage organizer should allow you to keep construction papers away from harsh conditions and harmful elements.

Step 4: Put Storage Papers in the Storage Organizer

Once you’ve placed the organizer in their proper spots, then it’s time to put the papers in the organizer.

Be careful when you put the papers in the storage organizer as mishandling can cause creases or wrinkles on the construction paper.

Make sure that your hands are dry when putting the papers in storage. Likewise, the storage check that your storage organizer is free from moisture before putting the papers in them.

Also, ensure that you follow your preferred organization method. For example, if you chose to organize them according to color, then make sure you place them like colors in one area such as on one shelf if you are using standing tiered organizers.


Construction paper is a staple in many homes, schools, and offices given its multi-purpose usage. Fortunately, storing them doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The guide above on how to store construction paper is easy to follow, allowing you to keep your construction paper safely and conveniently.

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