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How to Use a Bedazzler

A bedazzler is an excellent tool that will allow you to put decorative studs and jewels into your clothing. Personalizing your shirts, backpacks, and even the pocket of your jeans can be done using this unique tool. But do you know how to use a bedazzler properly? If not, check this article as we explain the step-by-step guide in using this tool the right way.

The Basic Parts of a Bedazzler

To be familiar with the proper usage of a bedazzler, you will need to first learn the different parts of the machine and its function. Please take a look below.


The part of the Bedazzler that holds the jewels and the studs

Plunger Holder

This part is responsible for holding the plunger

Plunger Point

This part is found at the end part of the plunger and is responsible for attaching the jewels to the garment or other surface you want to use.


It’s essential for the Bedazzler to play a simple but important role in the machine. You can see the hinger goes up and down like the one you see in a stapler.

Setter Arm

The setter arm is a part of the hinger that goes up and down when used. It acts like a stapler and holds the plunger and the plunger holder.


The base is the bottom part of the bedazzler, which serves as the foundation of the tools while holding all the other parts.

Setter Plate

The setter place is located at the bottom of the machine, which is strategically connected to the base.

Stud Stuff Tool

This part is actually a plastic attachment that helps push those sharp jewels to the plunger.

Step-By-Step Guide in Using a Bedazzler Tool

setting the jewels using bedazzler

Step 1: Changing the Plungers

Before using the bedazzler tool, you will need to change the plunger according to the size of the jewels you will need. Since the plunger will be the one to put the jewels into their proper place, you need to have the right plunger size. This procedure can be done by replacing the plunger with its correct size.

To replace the plunger, you need to lift the top of the bedazzler, similar to what you do with a stapler. Then, slowly grab the plunger and pull it out from the main part of the machine. If it is set firmly, you have the option to tug it out.

If you have already pull-out the plunger, the next step is to replace the plunger with the appropriate size needed in your project’s design. Then, push the plunger back into its original position. You can then place the setter arm down to line up the guide slot towards the holder inside the setter arm.

Step 2: Adjusting the Setter Plate

If you have done the first step above, which is to change the plunger, it is also essential to change the setter place to correspond to the changing of the plunger. All you have to do is look for the right matchup between the setter plate and the plunger. Make sure that the plunger point has the right matchup.

Meanwhile, proceed to loosen the setter plate by unscrewing this part which is found at the bottom of the machine. What you do is turn the nut to loosen it, which allows you to the right plunger point to the plate. If you have set the proper bottom plate indention with the plunger point, you can tighten the screw below to keep it in place.

Step 3: Setting the Jewels Using the Bedazzler

Once everything is set, and your bedazzler is prepared, you are now ready to put the jewels into the garments using the bedazzler. Please see the steps below.

The first step is to lift the arm of the bedazzler. The way you do this step is the same when you lift the upper part of the stapler.

  • After doing the initial step, place the jewel or the stud inside the plunger but make sure that the prong or the fang of the jewel is pointed outside while the decorative part of the jewel must be inside the hole.
  • Use the stud stuffer tool if you feel that the jewels are too sharp. Use it to push the jewels in place if you cannot do it by hand.
  • Once you are ready, you can place the fabric on the base of the bedazzler over the setter plate. You will also need to adjust the fabric when pressing the arm down to position the jewel or the stud to the area of the fabric where you want to stick on.
  • Press the points of the jewel firmly through the fabric towards the presser plate. This action will turn the prongs inward for the jewels to be locked in place on the fabric. But you need to apply more pressure for the stud to be put in place properly.
  • You can check the jewels if it is correctly stuck by lifting the arm of the bedazzler. If it is not attached correctly, you can remove it using pliers and then attach a new jewel.
  • The final step is to turn over the fabric to see if the jewel is attached correctly. If you can see the prongs coming out, I suggest pressing them again to improve the attachment of the jewels to the fabric.


A bedazzler is an excellent equipment that helps you enhance the appearance of a garment by putting decorative jewels and studs. If you learn how to use a bedazzler, it will be excellent knowledge since it will allow you to make some unique designs that help improve your design skills and artistry.

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