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How to Use BIC Wite Out

how to use bic wite out

The BIC wite out is a popular correction tape that allows you to instantly correct your mistakes in your work without messing it. Unfortunately, not all users know how to use BIC wite out correctly. So, this article will tell you the step-by-step process of using a BIC wite out correctly. Please check below.

Step 1: The Proper Hand Positioning

When using the BIC wite out, you need to know how to properly hold it with your hand for you to be able to do the correction properly. To properly hold the correction tape, you can start holding the dispenser with your thumb position on the groove to hold the correction tape properly.

If you notice, when you have this position, you can quickly put the dispenser anywhere. You are also convenient with your hand and should be able to apply the BIC wite out quickly to any area on the paper.

Step 2: The Right Positioning of the Tape Dispenser

Once you know how to hold the BIC wite out properly, you need to know the proper positioning during the correction proper. But what you do first is identify the area in your paper that needs to be corrected for you to position the dispenser during the correction process easily.

Once you have identified the area, you can position the nose of the dispenser flat. The position should be at an angle below the area where the correction will take place. When you do that, you can easily do the correction process as you are at the proper angle.

Step 3: The Correction Process

Once you are at the proper angle, you can now proceed with the correction process. All you have to do is press down firmly the nose of the dispenser of the BIC wite out. Then, you should be able to move the dispenser from left to right to cover the area where you want the correction to take place.

The best thing about the BIC wite out is that it is already dried when you apply it on the surface. So, it writes over the mistake instantly, and you will not wait for it to dry, just like the correction fluid. It is super-fast, clean, and easy to use.

The best thing about the BIC wite out is that a single dispenser can provide you with 40 feet of correction tape. So, one dispenser can cover a lot in correcting all the mistakes. You will use it for an extended period.

How to Fix BIC Wite Out

When using the BIC wite out, you will sometimes see that an excess tape is coming out at the nose of the dispenser. When you start seeing this situation, there is a problem with the positioning of the dispenser and the correction tape itself.

If you are experiencing this problem with the tape dispenser, then you need to know how to fix wite out ez correct to make the product still useful. Please check the step-by-step process to fix the BIC wite out below:

Step 1: Opening the Dispenser

The initial step is to open the dispenser of the correction tape by prying the two sides apart. You can use your fingers, a coin, or a flat-head screwdriver. You can start opening the dispenser at its fat end portion. In doing this step, you need to keep the BIC wite out dispenser upright to prevent the correction tape roll from falling out of its holder.

Step 2: Proper Threading of Tape

Once you open the tape dispenser, you need to proceed to do the proper threading of the correction tape. Make sure that the fresh tape should be located on top of the post while the used tape should go through between the posts. Also, the white side of the correction tape should contact the paper while the clear side should go through the big used tape wheel.

Step 3: Fixing the Error

The next step is to fix the error and let the dispenser work properly. You will need to immobilize the bottom half of the big wheel while moving the top half clockwise to take up the slack. This procedure can be done by keeping half of the big used tape wheel from moving using your left index finger.

You will also need to move clockwise the top half of the used tape wheel to take up the slack. But you must make sure that it is not too tight. If you need more slack, you can go reverse, going in a counterclockwise direction. Once it is done, you can now press the two parts of the dispenser together to close it.

Step 4: Check if the Dispenser Works Properly

After the third step, you should be able to use the BIC wite out properly. But you need to make sure by using it on a piece of paper and see for yourself if it is working correctly. If it is, then your BIC wite out is already working properly.


Learning how to use a BIC wite out will help you in so many ways when doing your project. Its ability to easily correct all your errors and dry immediately makes this correction tape easy to use. It is very convenient and dries instantly for your convenience.

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