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How to Use Staple Remover

how to use staple remover

As the name implies, a staple remover is a tool specially made to remove staple wires away from papers easily. As the saying goes, as long as there are staplers, there will also be staple removers. But do you know how to use staple remover properly? If not, read this article and find out how to do it.

Step 1: Knowing the Overall Structure of the Staple Remover

Before knowing the proper operation in using a staple remover, you need to know the physical structure of a staple remover. This action will give you an idea of its essential parts and their functions in quickly removing the staple wires.

The staple remover is a piece of equipment that you can squeeze down to bring the four claws together. You will be using your hands in pressing the tool, particularly the thumb and the point fingers.

Meanwhile, the claws are like the teeth of the tool which will play an essential role in removing the staple wire efficiently. Once you press the staple remover, the claws will be responsible for deforming the staple wire, making it easy for you to remove it from the paper.

Step 2: Knowing the Proper Positioning of the Staple in the Paper

Another essential piece of information you need to know is the proper positioning of the staple remover against the paper with the staple. As you can see, a sheet of paper that has been stapled together comes in two sides.

One side is the front end of the paper, where you will see a long flat end of the staple wire, while the back end is these two tiny prongs where you can see two curved parts of the staple wire, which plays an essential role in holding the pieces of paper together.

Step 3: Getting the Staple Wire Revore Using the Staple Remover

Once you know the proper position of the staple, removing the staple will be very easy using the staple remover. What you do is line up the four pieces of teeth found at the staple remover to the back end of the paper.

As you can see the curved part of the staple wire, you want to line up the four pieces of teeth and press them down against the paper so that the prongs or teeth are lined up with the two curved parts of the staple.

Squeeze the staple remover firmly to grip them together by squeezing nice and firm while pulling away from the paper. Once you do it, you will lift the staple wire’s two curved parts, which actually loosens up the staple.
Step 4: Removing the Staple From the Paper

Once the staple is already loosened, what you do is go to the other side of the paper. Then, you can use your fingernail or anything flat that can fit between the paper and the staple to remove the staple away from the paper.

Once you are on the move of removing the staple, you can combine the pulling with some wiggle to prevent damaging the paper and assist in removing the staple efficiently. Once the staple is removed, there should be no damage on both sides of the paper.

If there are other staples attached to the paper that needs to be removed, use the same step-by-step process to remove the staple from the paper easily. Always remember that the more you wiggle when pulling out the stapler, the easier it is for the staple to come out of the paper without doing any damage.

Other Things You Need to Know When Using a Staple Remover

using a staple remover

A staple remover comes in different types but performs the same function of removing the staple from the paper quickly. Depending on how many staples you want to remove, there are different types of staple remover where it can be useful depending on the job at hand.

The spring-activated simple removers are the most common staple remover used by many. They are also the cheapest and the most simple among all the tools you can use in removing staples. This staple remover comes with little claws, which will be used in removing the back clasps of the staple to remove it from the paper quickly.

Then, there are the so-called “office style” staple removers which have a more complex design than the spring-activated one. But, it is easy to use and more comfortable. The design is similar to a scissor, where it allows you to position at the end of the stable clasps while pulling the trigger to activate and loosen the staple.

Another unique way to remove a staple is using your bare hands. It is an excellent and effective way to remove staples away from the paper when it is very few and light. But if you have a huge stack of paper that needs staple removal, I will not suggest using your bare hands.

Using your hand may not be worth it, and the possibility of hurting your hands in the process is a big possibility. If you insist on using your bare hands to do the job, you can use tools to help you open the back clasps of the staple such as nail clippers, small pennies, or even the end of a pen.


Learning how to use a staple remover correctly is a good skill to learn. Unfortunately, there are still some people who are not familiar with the proper usage of a staple removal tool. Of course, you can use your hands to remove a staple but when there are too many staples to be removed, a staple remover will do the job easily for you.

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