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The Best Journal for ADHD in 2023

best journal for adhd

It is essential for people with ADHD to track their feelings, thoughts, and experiences to manage their symptoms better. The best way to do it is through journaling which can help individuals with ADHD to develop self-awareness, identify patterns in behaviors and thoughts, and establish strategies for coping with challenges.

This article features five of the top-rated journal for ADHD that anyone can use today. These journals allow individuals with ADHD to document their experiences and reflect on them to improve their focus, organization, and overall well-being. These recommendations are based on actual experience and thorough research on the features and functionalities of each product.

Top Journal for ADHD Reviews

1. Clever Fox Time Management Planners

clever fox time management planners

Whether you are a person with ADHD or just a busy person, this product from Clever Fox will help you create a vision for your life. This journal for ADHD will allow anyone to define and break down short and long-term goals in connection with each area of their life.

I like the sturdiness of this journal and the way it is bound, as it will last long. In addition, I am impressed by the monthly pages, as it provides a space for appointments and recurring events.

Then, there is a single week’s page at the beginning of each week that gives plenty of room to list the essential activities of the week, separated by various categories. In addition, you can add all those activities to whichever daily page is needed, scheduling each task for when you plan to work on it. Then, a page at the end of each week allows you to review what worked and can help and be more productive the following week.

Also, I am impressed by how the days, months, and years still need to be printed on the pages. It saves trees by allowing you to write whatever you write on the page while skipping weeks without wasting paper. It helps to keep up with all the daily tasks and track your habits.

Last, this journal can help with time management, goal setting, and managing daily tasks for people with ADHD and autism. I really love the format and how it is easy to track the progress of your goals from a weekly to a monthly level.

  • With undated and unique layouts that minimize wasting of paper
  • Includes three colorful ribbons to flip between monthly and weekly spreads
  • It comes with 150 colorful planner stickers and a premium gift box for safekeeping
  • With a detailed step-by-step illustrated user guide for users to quickly start using the planner
  • Bet organized, stay focused, and increase productivity
  • Wasteful packaging materials

This product is the most popular bullet journal for ADHD. The level of granular detail in this journal is fantastic. Drawing the entire layout of the journal is easier because it is already built. This journal will help people with ADHD to help them organize their thoughts and plans into a paper to make them focus and stay productive.

2. Legend Planners Organizer Notebook

legend planners organizer notebook

This product is one of the best guided journals for ADHD, as it has a well-structured design that can be maximized by anyone suffering from the same condition. From tracking working tasks and organizing your daily life schedule, this planner is perfect for anyone with ADHD.

The best thing this journal provides is that it is so easy to use to set up and understand the instructions. In addition, the paper quality is impressive, as is the cover and how it is stitched together.

The design of this journal is also perfect for a person with ADHD. Having the calendar weekdays on one page and goals, to-dos, incentive spots when completing the major tasks of the week, space for additional notes, and a habit tracker helps organize your life while increasing productivity.

I also like that this journal for ADHD allows the user to fill in the dates when needed, as it avoids wasting space and paper for people who start projects in the middle of the month. In addition, the three bookmarks available can help in flipping between the month view, the week view, and the notes section.

Lastly, this journal for ADHD is beautiful to look at and hold. The quantity is superb, sturdy, and durable. People with ADHD will like the simplicity of this journal in relation to how it is organized. It is very straightforward and clearly expressed.

  • Includes a monthly calendar, weekly planning sections, schedule appointments,m and deadlines to manage your time effectively
  • Design to allow you to set and achieved goals in all aspects of your life
  • An undated planner that prevents wasting paper
  • With inner pockets for your bills and receipt
  • With a quick start guide to assist beginners
  • Includes colorful stickers and ribbon bookmarks
  • It produces an awful smell

This journal for ADHD is for users looking for a well-structured journal that can help them organize their life. They are easy to use and are built with high-quality paper and a durable cover. This journal is perfect for people with ADHD, especially those who need goals to ensure things are done.

3. Regolden-Book Daily Planners

regolden-book daily planners

People with ADHD usually struggle to be routine-based in their daily habits. However, this journal from Regolden-book can help get those thoughts on paper and effectively removes all the junk in their head.

Physically, this daily planner looks impressive and beautiful. It is a suitable planner for ADHD college students since it’s visually beautiful. The format and text are accessible in my eyes, and it’s not dated, which means you can save some papers when you are not using them.

In addition, this planner is designed with ADHD users in mind. Since you will be writing the date, you can easily start back up without wasting too much if the journal is misplaced or get off track. Many lines allow the user to keep track of even the most straightforward repetitive task easily.

Also, the paper is really nice and silky. It feels good when you use it with your journaling or planning. Then, there is also the spiral binding, which makes the overall structure of the planner very sturdy.

Lastly, the habit tracker is also a game changer, especially for those users with ADHD conditions. This feature helps to prioritize and organize things as well as the planning to make you focus on the essential things that need to be done.

  • Built with no date, which means to waste of paper
  • With an inner pocket used to hold tickets, bills, etc
  • Made with twin-wire bending that can lay flat and make turning page easier
  • This planner comes with a pen loop
  • Made with acid-free and thick premium paper
  • Packaging needs to improve

This journal for ADHD is perfect for users that will help people with the said condition to stay more organized and break down their tasks. This journal helps get your thoughts on paper to get you more organized.

4. ZICOTO To Do List Notebook

zicoto to do list notebook

This to-do planner from Zicoto will make persons with ADHD focused and stay organized. This product is a daily to-do notebook with spaces for everyday to-do’s, notes, health and fitness tracking, and other helpful features.

This journal for ADHD will be a great help for those suffering from the said condition, with most of the features built to help them. For example, the calendars will help keep the head straight about days and times, and with ADHD, this feature is a lifesaver.

I also like that it has a section for hydration and health, other features, such as a list of to-do and essential items, and a thankfulness spot. This feature has been the standard for most of the planners I see, and it looks very neat too.

In terms of its physical structure, the size is slightly smaller than the others, but this is not an issue for me. The covers are sturdy, while the spiral looks durable. Meanwhile, the thickness is perfect for me to use at home and at work.

Lastly, the pages also feel smooth and offer a perfect writing surface. It also comes with a reinforced pocket in the back which is glued to the rear cover, with satin sides. This notebook planner also has perforated pages, which you can tear off and keep in your pocket.

  • Made with beautiful greenery design
  • With tear-away pages and back pocket storage
  • Updated to-do planner prevents waste of time and waste of paper
  • With a simple layout and beautiful thick paper
  • Made with spiral bound with perforated pages
  • Size is smaller

This journal for ADHD will help anyone with the condition to stay organized. The design is impressive and has a place for everything, including a bonus envelope in the back for the list of goals that you want to achieve. The planner is simple, beautiful, and fun.

5. Epic self ADHD Planners

epic self adhd planners

This journal for ADHD was built by the company Epic Self to be used by all people suffering from the said condition. This ADHD planner was designed and crafted by someone who has first-hand experience with the said condition.

I am genuinely impressed by the overall use of this planner for persons with ADHD. I like that it includes water intake with two pages dedicated each day. It also provides helpful sections that provide flexibility. It comes with good thought-provoking prompts and plenty of space to free write and schedule.

If you have ADHD, this planner has everything to help manage your life. From helping you get a good routine to having sections that will help you clarify with intentions when creating goals and producing game plans.

It also has sections for habit trackers, to-do lists, master project lists, weekly overviews, undated weekly planners, and a whole lot of features. Lastly, the “get untuck section” found at the very end of the journal will tell the user how to get out of the ADHD condition.

  • A planner that was crafted especially for persons with ADHD
  • A professional planner that will not overwhelm the brain with loads of information
  • With a dedicated space for short and long-term goals
  • Includes exercises designed to make use of ADHD tendencies
  • With the progress reflection section
  • The cover planner tends to aggravate sensory issues in people with ADHD

This planner has everything you want for a planner that helps people suffering from ADHD. The product has so many different options to write down all your thoughts. Lastly, the sections included are great for reflections and help track the progress throughout the months.

How to Choose a Journal for ADHD

best guided journals for adhd

When it comes to finding a journal for ADHD, there are things to consider to find the right one for your needs. ADHD can make it challenging to stay organized and focused, so a good journal can be an essential tool to help manage the symptoms and stay on track.

Size and Portability

One important consideration when looking for a journal notebook for ADHD is its size and portability. A smaller notebook will be convenient for people suffering from the said conditions, especially those people on the go or who need to take care of their notebooks with them throughout the day.

However, if you prefer a larger notebook with more writing space, choose one that is comfortable to carry around and fits in your bag or backpack.

Layout and Organization

Another important consideration when choosing a journal for ADHD is the layout and organization of the journal. Some people with ADHD benefit from having a notebook with pre-printed prompts or sections to help them organize.

This feature can include things like daily to-do lists, space for noting appointments and deadlines, or sections for recording thoughts or feelings. A notebook with dividers or tabs can keep different sections separate and easily found.


best planners for adhd college students

A journal notebook for ADHD must be durable enough to withstand frequent use and handling. I recommend looking for a notebook with a sturdy cover that can withstand being tossed in a bag or backpack and pages that won’t tear or rip easily.

A journal with a spiral binding or a sturdy spine can also help keep the pages together and prevent them from falling out over time.

Paper Quality

The quality of the paper is also an essential factor to consider. People with ADHD may find it helpful to write things down multiple times or make frequent revisions. I recommend choosing a journal with paper that will not smudge or bleed through easily. Look for thick paper of high quality with a smooth surface that allows for comfortable writing.


Customization is also an essential factor to consider in looking for a journal for ADHD. Some people with ADHD may find it helpful to customize their notebooks to suit their needs better. The feature might include adding additional pages for specific sections or creating custom prompts tailored to the particular needs of the person with ADHD.


Choosing the best journal for ADHD depends on several factors, as mentioned above. Ultimately, the right journal for ADHD to a particular person is the one that meets the specific needs of the person, including helping him to be organized and focused.

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