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The Best Journal for Men in 2024

best journal for men

You do not have to wait until the next New Year to start your journaling journey. It is a hobby that you can start whenever you are ready. With that said, you do need to choose the best journal for men so your journaling will be as enjoyable as possible. This, in turn, will make you want to stick with it for the long term.

There are no set rules that you need to follow when buying writing journals for men. However, it will help out a lot if you know what your particular needs are. There is no need to figure out your criteria on your own, though.

In this article, you will be learning about the general things that you should look for when buying a journal. This way, you will not be wasting too much time browsing different journals, and actually get started writing your entries.

Top Journal for Men Reviews

1. Classic Faux Leather Journal

classic faux leather journal

If you are a devout Christian, or even if you are just slightly religious, then you will love the inspiring Bible verse (Joshua 1:9) embossed on the faux leather cover of these writing journals for men. Even if you are not religious in the least, just reading this inspiring message will make you instantly feel good.

Reading the Bible verse before you even start writing is usually enough to inspire you and make you want to write something that is quite introspective. The paper quality of this journal is excellent. The pages are thick enough that most pens will not cause the ink to bleed through.

Unless you are using a marker with a thick nib, you should not be worried about the ink going through the page. If you like using fountain pens for writing your journal entries, then you will love this journal.

Speaking of the pages, they are lined so that you can be sure that your entries will always look neat and clean. Even if you are used to writing long paragraphs without the help of guidelines, having these faint page lines can make writing daily journal entries a whole lot easier.

In addition, there is still plenty of space at the sides whenever you have to jot down annotations. Another nice touch that this journal has is the zipper that keeps it shut. This is great when you like to bring your journal along with you in your EDC bag.

Having a zipper means that the journal will not accidentally open while inside your bag. I like this nifty feature because it keeps the pages from getting creased or accidentally ripped.

  • Beautiful embossed design on the cover
  • Comes with a zipper-closing mechanism
  • Uses thick paper for the pages
  • The faux leather cover material is very durable and looks better the older it gets
  • May not be ideal for you if you are not particularly religious
  • The binding could have been better

This is an incredible choice for a journal if you are a particularly spiritual person. The cover has an inspiring message that will encourage you every day. There are even more of them on the pages inside the journal itself.

If you would like a daily boost of inspiration before you start jotting down your journal entry, then I think you will love this product.

2. CooLeathor Leather Journal Writing Notebook

cooleathor leather journal writing notebook

Are you fond of the rustic aesthetic? Then this men’s daily journal just might be the right fit for you. The cover is made of genuine leather, giving it a soft and pliable feel.

The surface of the cover is lightly tanned, and you can still see a lot of the leather’s natural grain. If you want a journal guaranteed to last for many years, this choice will certainly not disappoint.

One great thing about using genuine leather is that its surface seems to repair itself. This means that even if you scratched the cover of this journal, you just need to rub the blemish using a paper towel and you can essentially buff it out.

On the other hand, I discovered that it looks better after a couple of years’ collection of blemishes due to regular use. This journal is also refillable. I was able to use other notebook inserts aside from the ones included in the journal.

All it takes is to undo the leather strap on the spine and replace the leaves with whatever brand you want. Just punch holes on the inserts or buy ones that have holes pre-punched.

Speaking of the page inserts, the paper used has such nice quality that you will not even think of replacing them until you have used up all the pages. The journal comes with 120 sheets using rather thick paper (100gsm), which makes writing on them quite enjoyable. Due to the pages being so thick, ink bleed-through will not be that much of an issue.

  • Made of beautiful genuine leather
  • Quite durable, making it last for many years
  • The paper used for the pages is quite thick and resistant to bleed through
  • Perfect size for an EDC notebook
  • The included ballpoint pen is quite cheap
  • The leather cord that keeps the covers closed is a bit thin

I feel like the rustic aesthetic of this journal makes it quite appealing to most men. This journal does not have any of the unnecessary bells and whistles that other journals have, making it the best choice for people who like this kind of minimalist aesthetic.

3. Moleskine Classic Notebook

moleskine classic notebook

The thing that most people, including me, love about Moleskine notebooks is that they are wonderfully minimalist. Moleskine knows how to do minimalist designs right. The bright colors that they use are more than enough to make these notebooks very appealing to most.

Speaking of which, you have more than a dozen colors to choose from, so you will surely have a notebook that will suit your taste. The cover is made from faux leather, but unlike the covers used by other notebook brands, Moleskine covers are very durable.

These notebooks are so durable that they will remain intact until you have filled every page with your thoughts. You can carry these notebooks around wherever you go and the covers will not crease or rip.

Ask any notebook connoisseur and they will tell you that writing in Moleskine journals is quite a treat. The paper quality used in these notebooks is top-notch. They have just the right thickness and texture.

Also, you can choose whatever kind of page marking that you like, or leave them blank if that is what you are into. This means you can use the notebook as a regular journal, or one that is a combination notebook and sketchbook.

Another nice thing about Moleskine notebooks is that there are several different sizes to choose from. You can get the XL size if you like writing lengthy journal entries. Or if you like, you can get pocket-sized notebooks so you can bring them anywhere you want. This can give you something that you can jot your thoughts anytime inspiration strikes.

  • Beautiful minimalist designs
  • High-quality construction – It can last much longer compared to other notebook brands
  • You can choose from more than a dozen different bright colors
  • There are several sizes and page styles to choose from
  • The grid lines are a bit too dark
  • The pages are somewhat prone to ink bleeding

You really cannot go wrong when you choose Moleskine notebooks. These notebooks have a simplistic yet very beautiful aesthetic. However, if you like using fountain pens, the ink might bleed through the paper a bit if you are not careful.

4. Komal’s Passion Leather Refillable Journal for Men

komal's passion leather refillable journal for men

Are you a fan of mythological symbolism? Or do you like fantasy-like designs? If you are, then I am sure you will love this journal. The cover is made from genuine water buffalo leather with a Tree of Life design tooled into it.

Although the design is quite obviously mass-produced, it still has the look and feel of handcrafted leather journals for men.

Speaking of the construction, this notebook is actually well-made. The borders of the cover are hand-stitched to keep the leather from splitting. The way the pages were bound to the spine ensures that they will not be going anywhere. The workmanship that went into this notebook is so nice that the company even has a 1-year warranty on it.

If you are not familiar with water buffalo leather, the most important thing to know is that it is much tougher and more durable than most cow leather. Despite the durability of the water buffalo hide cover, it is still quite soft and supple. Even if you fill out the pages with your thoughts, you can be sure that it will last for many years in storage.

Although it is a bit bulky, Komal’s Passion notebook is still the perfect size for an EDC journal. At just 8” x 6”, this notebook will easily fit inside your EDC bag, so you will always have your journal at the ready whenever you feel the urge to jot down something.

  • Durable cover and binding
  • Rustic, yet appealing design
  • Compact size perfect for an EDC notebook
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty, something that is quite rare for notebooks
  • The pages are a bit on the thin side
  • The Tree of Life design might not appeal to some men

While most men do like the appeal of leather-bound notebooks, not that many are familiar with the symbolism of the Tree of Life, which usually appeals to women due to its mystic and spiritual roots. However, there are also plenty of men who like these kinds of designs, and you might be one of them. In that case, you can grab this notebook.

5. RILIHO Leather Handmade Journal Notebook for Man

riliho leather handmade journal notebook for man

What I liked about the Riliho leather journal is its rustic design, which is reminiscent of the ones used during the olden times. The cover of this mind journal for men is made of genuine leather which essentially makes it able to last forever if you take care of it properly.

If you like minimalist aesthetics and old-timey styles, then this journal is the right fit for you. Another nice thing about this leather notebook is that it uses high-quality kraft paper. This journal contains 240 pages and the paper used is of moderate thickness.

The paper is not quite as thick as other notebooks but it is still nice to write on using pencils, ballpoint pens, and even fountain pens that have fine nibs. However, thicker inks might bleed through the page.

Although this notebook is not necessarily refillable, it is possible to undo the string binding the leaves to the spine and replace the leaves with other brands. You can choose to use lined pages. What this means is you can use this notebook not just as a journal, but also as a sketchbook, planner, or whatever use you might have in mind.

Another rather nice thing about this leather journal is its overall rustic design. Just looking at the journal takes you back in time. This will make you want to grab your pen and write down your thoughts on the page.

If you have an old-fashioned notebook, it just makes you want to write using an actual pen instead of typing on a keyboard. The experience gets even better if you bring the journal outside and write anywhere you want.

  • Made from durable and lasting materials
  • Construction quality is top-notch
  • Can be refilled with new leaves but will require a bit of skill
  • The rustic design and feel can inspire the owner to write more
  • The pages are rather thin and prone to bleed through
  • The tooth of the paper is a bit too rough for fountain pen nibs, especially when using fine nibs

This rustic leather-bound notebook is the perfect choice for men who like minimalist and handmade things. Just holding and looking at it will somewhat take you back in time and compel you to write inside the pages. In addition, this notebook will look better the older and scratched up it gets, which makes it quite appealing to men.

6. Divinity Boutique Man of God Journal

divinity boutique man of god journal

This journal is perfect for the man who puts God first in his life. There is a biblical passage embossed right on the cover that will inspire and encourage the person using this journal. If you are a man of God, then you will find this journal quite uplifting and effective at doing its job of helping people through hard times.

The Man of God journal has a rather rustic yet still modern look and feel. The cover is made from faux leather but it does not look cheap. It is quite the opposite. The cover looks neat and clean and comes with genuine leather straps that you can use to keep the journal closed. You can also use it as a bookmark to remember your place.

In addition, at the ends of the leather cords are metal charms. One is an intricate cross and the other is a small tablet that has a short Bible passage on it. I find these charms great for fiddling around in your fingers while you write in the journal. It somehow helps with keeping focus.

Also, more importantly, these charms serve to bring more inspiration to the owner of the journal. The paper used for the pages is of good quality too. The edges are gilded in gold, which gives the journal a rather luxurious look.

The pages are also lined narrowly with faint markings, making every journal entry look clean and neat. The surface of the pages is also quite smooth, making them ideal for fountain pens as they will glide easily over the surface.

  • Uses premium paper that is ideal for fountain pens
  • Has inspiring messages throughout, from the cover to the pages
  • Made from durable materials and constructed with quality in mind
  • Can fit easily inside the average EDC bag
  • The faux leather scratches easily
  • The same Bible verse is printed on every page – It would have been better if there were different ones for each day

This is the perfect gift for the religious man but that does not mean those who are not quite devout will not like it. The overall design and construction of this journal will appeal to most men, religious or not.

7. KomalC Bound Daily Notepad For Men

komalc bound daily notepad for men

Immediately upon seeing this journal, the first thing that you will notice is the beautiful leather cover. The cover of this notebook is made using full-grain buffalo leather, which is not just rustically beautiful but also very tough and durable. The surface might look rough but that is the appeal of real full-grain leather.

Another appealing feature of this journal is that the paper used for the pages was made from recycled cotton and is acid-free. This means that the paper used is completely wood-free, making it environmentally-friendly.

The paper is also a joy to write on. It is just the right thickness and resistant to ink bleed-through. If you like using fountain pens, you do not need to worry about the ink going through the other side.

The overall look of this notebook is quite rough, but that does not mean it is not beautiful. The leather is hand cut, which makes the edges not perfectly straight, but not so much that you can notice it.

There is also a rough-cut strap that you use to keep the covers closed, which is also roughly hand-cut. This adds to the rustic look of the notebook.

The pages are also unlined, which gives you the choice to use this notebook as a sketchbook. However, being unlined means that it will be challenging for most people to write on them and keep their lines straight. Once you get used to writing on a blank page, you will find that your entries will look cleaner and neater.

  • Has a rustic and minimalist design that appeals to most men
  • Made from full-grain buffalo leather that is very strong and durable
  • The paper is made from recycled cotton, which makes it eco-friendly
  • The overall construction of the notebook is durable and can last many years
  • The cover is not rigid, making it difficult to use without placing it on a table
  • The pages are blank, making them quite hard to use for most people

The KomalC journal might look a bit rough around the edges, literally, but it has a special kind of charm that speaks to most men. A lot of guys do not like things that have elaborate designs, but would rather have something made from quality materials, which is just what this journal is.

8. Embossed Learn Live Hope Journal Diary

embossed learn live hope journal diary

Even though this journal has a faux leather cover, it does not look fake at all. In fact, the material looks quite nice. The surface of the cover has a nice texture that closely mimics the texture and feel of real leather.

In addition, if you take care of the journal properly, this journal can and will last for a couple of years. This is also a great choice for vegans as this journal does not contain any form of animal products at all.

One of the best things about this journal, in my opinion, is the way that the pages are bound to the spine of the notebook. Not only is the stitching very tight and durable, but also done in such a way that you can open up the notebook and it will lay flat on the table.

This makes it much easier to write because you do not have to hold down the other side of the notebook. This journal has 256 pages made using acid-free paper, which makes it ideal for both ink and pencils.

The pages are all lined and thick enough that ink will not easily bleed through the other side. However, you should be mindful if you are using marker pens or fountain pens with wide nibs as they might lay down too much ink, thereby causing slight ink bleed-through.

The Eccolo World Traveler journal has a compact size, 5” x 9”, which makes it an ideal travel journal or an EDC notebook. This notebook can fit even inside small EDC bags and the cover is rigid enough to prevent the pages from getting creases.

This means you do not necessarily need to be at home to write in your journal. You can use this even when you are out and about, allowing you to write whenever you get the urge to do so.

  • Vegan-friendly – No animal products were used in this journal
  • Comes in a variety of colors and design
  • Pages are sturdily stitched and can lay flat on the table
  • The pages are substantially thick and acid-free, meaning they will not discolor the ink
  • The journal is quite small as it is mainly a travel journal
  • You will be using several pages if you like writing long journal entries

If you are looking for a compact, travel-size journal that you can carry around wherever you go, then you would probably love this product. However, if you are the type of person who likes to take his time writing lengthy journal entries, then you would find that this might not be big enough for your needs.

9. RUSTIC TOWN Handmade Bound Journal for Men

rustic town handmade bound journal for men

If you are a guy who fancies mystical or fantasy designs or looking for a gift for someone with that kind of taste, then the Rustic Town leather-bound journal might be the right fit.

This leather-bound journal has the “Book of Shadows” design, which is a mythical item popularly used in the Wiccan religion. If you are into this kind of stuff, then you might like this journal.

The workmanship that went into making this journal is incredible. The cover is made of top leather, meaning the top layer of cowhide, which is why it is so smooth and also has that genuine leather smell.

In addition, there are intricate designs that are embossed on the cover and leather straps stitched into beautiful patterns. There is also a faux antique metal clasp that keeps the journal closed.

The pages within the journal were all made from recycled cotton, which makes the pages acid-free and very much eco-friendly. There are 200 total pages (100 sheets) and you can choose from lined or blank pages, and they are thick enough that they can resist ink bleed through.

If you like writing using a fountain pen, you do not need to worry about the ink ruining the other side of the page. This notebook also measures 5” x 8”, so you can also use it as an EDC journal.

Including the cover, this notebook is roughly 1” thick, which means it will not take up that much space in your bag. This journal is also the perfect size for a travel journal. However, be prepared for people staring at you when you pull this journal out in public.

  • Has an ornate and beautiful design
  • Made of top-quality materials
  • Pages are made from recycled cotton and non-acidic
  • Is the perfect size for EDC kits
  • There are only 100 sheets to write on
  • The design might not appeal to some men

Although this notebook looks quite nice being made of top leather, after all, the overall aesthetic might not speak to some men. This is especially true if the person is not spiritual in the slightest. On the other hand, if you or the person you plan on giving this journal to appreciates goth culture, then this is the perfect notebook.

10. MALEDEN Leather Refillable Writing Journal

maleden leather refillable writing journal

The thing that you need to keep in mind about this journal is that the cover is made of faux leather, mainly because it looks almost exactly like real leather. The texture on the surface of the cover feels almost exactly like real leather, with the only detail that says otherwise is its bright color.

However, just because the cover is faux leather, that does not necessarily mean that it is not durable, quite the opposite. Faux leather can be equally durable as genuine leather. There are even some notebooks where you cannot tell if they are real leather materials or not.

Unlike the other products in this list, this journal is not bound traditionally. Instead of stitching, the pages are held in place using a ring binder clasp. This journal uses pre-punched sheets, so you can remove and replace pages regardless of the page position.

Speaking of the pages, the paper that came included with this journal is stained yellow to make it look old and rustic. Another nice touch is the inclusion of two marine-themed charms at the ends of two leather cords.

The cords are used to keep the covers closed, which comes in handy if you will be using this notebook as a travel journal. Speaking of travel, the charms (an anchor and a ship’s steering wheel) are symbolic of it, so just looking at or fidgeting with them will inspire you to write more.

As mentioned earlier, seeing as this notebook is technically a small ring binder, you can choose whatever kind of paper that you like. You can remove the pages included with this notebook and replace them with those from a brand that you like. You do not have to stick with the paper that came with the notebook, unlike other notebook brands.

  • Has a durable, and quite convincing, faux leather cover
  • Uses a ring binder mechanism instead of traditional bookbinding
  • Comes with leather straps that work as closer and bookmark
  • Has a beautiful nautical theme going on
  • The paper that came with the notebook is flimsy and prone to bleed through
  • The ring binder might ruin the aesthetics for some people

If you want a journal that is easily refillable and can last many years, then you can bet on this product to deliver. Although the ring binding mechanism might put others off from using this, it does make this notebook a lot easier to use.

How to Choose a Journal for Men

writing journals for men

When you are shopping for the best journal for men, there are certain things that you need to always need to take into consideration.

Paper Quality – This is probably the most important factor you need to consider when shopping for any journal. You need to look for paper that has sufficient thickness. It should at least be thick enough to resist ink bleeding through, especially if you like using fountain pens.

Paper Type – Do you like writing on lined paper or dotted one? Do you prefer blank pages? This should be one of the things that you need to check in notebooks that you are interested in buying.

There are also notebooks with different colored pages if you want to write on something other than plain white. If you cannot write straight on blank paper, there is no shame in using a journal with lined pages to help guide you.

leather journals for men

Material Quality – A man’s journal should look and feel high-quality to make him actually want to start writing. This starts with the quality of the materials used for making the journal.

For instance, most men like rustic and minimalist designs, so plain leather covers are ideal. On the other hand, some men like covers made from faux leather or other similar materials.

Durability – A journal is something that you will be using at least once a day for a year or more. What this means is that you need to choose a journal that you are sure will be able to last for as long as possible. You will need to choose journals made using sturdy materials and constructed with plenty of craftsmanship.

mind journal for men

Design – As mentioned earlier, most men like their journals to be minimalistic, or as plain as possible. Most men like plain leather-bound, rustic journals. However, if you are a religious or spiritual type of person, then a cover with an inspiring passage or symbolism might be more to your liking.

You can also choose from different cover colors. Note, though, that this will only apply to journals with faux leather covers.

Price – Obviously, journals made using high-quality materials and a high degree of craftsmanship will retail at much higher prices compared to plain notebooks. So you have to consider your budget and limit your choices of journals to just those who you can fit into it.

This means you should be looking at a number of journals that fit your budget, and then choosing which among them are worth your money.


The best men’s journal is actually subjective. Although most men somewhat like the same things, that does not apply to them all. This might seem like you are faced with an almost impossible choice, but it does not necessarily have to be that way.

You just need to consider some of the important factors when shopping for the best journal for men. Regardless if you will be buying the journal for yourself or looking for a gift for someone special, learn what makes a journal a good choice.

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