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Pallet Love

I was totally dedicated to making every. single. Christmas gift. this year. I even dedicated an entire month to it here on the blog.

And then December hit and my plan flew out the window. I’ve learned my lesson now for next year; apparently starting in the summer will be a much better plan of action.

I did get one project finished before Christmas that I’m especially proud of. I made this:

From this:

Well, it was actually a pile of boards that the husband and I nailed together, but neat, right? I had a ton of inspiration from Pinterest to help me figure out what I wanted to do…

La Famille

A Cup of Lindsey Jo

Super cute, right?

I made my version as a wedding/Christmas gift for my BFF and her new husband. I knew I wanted a quote that represented them and I wanted it to match their room. Little did I know how intense the project would be! Once I got into it, I totally spaced taking pictures, but I’ll let you know what steps I took and what products I used.

  1. Nail the boards together making sure to brace both sides on the back. You don’t want your hard work to fall apart later!
  2. Paint a light layer of paint on the wood. I used a gray acrylic paint that I picked up from Michael’s for $0.50. Nice and cheap.
  3. Using Martha Stewart Crafts Tintable Antique Effect and Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Acrylic Paint in Wedding Cake, create a healthy dose of the mixture and cover the boards liberally. Let dry.
  4. Apply vinyl or paint your quote onto the boards.
  5. Apply a good thick coating of Matte Mod Podge over the entire front of the project. This will seal everything down.
  6. Apply two generous coats of Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Finish.

Project complete! These directions make it seems fairly simple, when all reality, it took me two days to complete it when I factored in drying times in between coats of paint and sealer. The BFF teared up when she received it, so I hope that means she likes it. What do you think? Is it a keeper?

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