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The Best Tape for Classroom Walls in 2024

best tape for classroom walls

Reliable adhesive tape is used by teachers and educators for a variety of purposes. It could be for affixing teaching materials, making announcements, and decorating the classroom walls. One of the primary reasons for using tape is that it is ideal for an easy remedy when putting almost anything on a classroom wall or board.

These tapes must be compatible with a wide range of materials and surfaces. Heavy duty tape, on the other hand, can be used to secure heavier objects to a variety of surfaces or walls. The need for the best tape for classroom walls has now become a necessity.

Adhesive tapes are a good substitute for screws, nails, and glue. It is easier to use, has multiple applications, is reusable, and, most importantly, is not messy. If you want to maximize your teaching potential, you must choose the most suitable tape for classroom walls.

Check out our recommendations below.

Top 3 Tape for Classroom Walls Reviews

1. EZlifego Double Sided Tape

ezlifego double sided tape

Whenever we talk about strength in adhesion, the top-notch double sided tape for hanging pictures is produced by EZlifego. This transparent double-sided adhesive tape is extremely strong, durable, easy to install, requires no tools, and bonds instantly without the need for curing or drying. It performs flawlessly in a temperature range of 0°F to 200°F.

The tape measures 1.18 inches in width, 16.5 feet in length, and 0.07 inches in thickness. It has a powerful holding capacity and can support up to 18 pounds, or 1.2 pounds per square inch on smooth surfaces. It is simple to cut to any length or size that you need. Simply apply the tape to the item’s surface, take off the thin film, and mount it to the wall.

One more thing I like about this tape is that it is reusable. When you need to reuse the removable double-sided tape, simply wash it with water and air-dry it to restore its adhesiveness.

Moreover, I like how it is easy to remove, leaves no residue, and won’t scratch surfaces. This double-sided tape is very versatile because it will stick to almost anything with a smooth surface.

You can stick anything anywhere with this double-sided tape because it adheres to almost any surface with a smooth surface. With some erratic surfaces, like bricks, it also worked well.

Picture frames, laminated photos, shelves, object holders, power cords, wall decorations, and much more can all be fixed or adhered using this product. It performs well both indoors and outdoors.

Therefore, should you need to affix something in your classroom walls such as posters or class schedules, I am sure this tape can do the job effortlessly.

Meanwhile, please keep in mind that because this tape is so sticky, it is not advised to use it on painted walls that are prone to chipping or newly painted.

Most tape products benefit from having high sticky quality and performance, especially if they are used on a long-term basis. However, removing the tape and the object adhered to it can be challenging. Paint may chip or soft materials may be damaged.

  • Extremely strong adhesion
  • Easy to remove and reusable
  • Can be used at a temperature range of 0°F to 200°F
  • Instantly bonds without curing or drying
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • May chip off any uncured paint if removed incorrectly

Despite that, there are techniques that can be used to carefully remove and reuse the tape. Carefully applying soap and water or using a hair dryer may do the trick. Aside from that, this tape is versatile and incredibly easy to use.

2. VELCRO Brand Mounting Squares Adhesive Sticky Back

velcro brand mounting squares adhesive sticky back

You can quickly arrange and attach routinely used items with VELCRO Mounting Squares. This 200-piece bulk pack of adhesive squares can be used for a range of tasks in the classroom or as teacher supplies. It is very useful around the house, at the office or around the classroom walls.

These fasteners are perfect for hanging classroom decorations and teaching tools. This is also ideal for sorting and labeling items for storage to keep your workspace tidy and well organized.

It is recommended to utilize these with laminated artworks and boards to produce an artistic presentation of well-thought projects in the workplace or classroom.

With that in mind, there are several projects and activities that need fasteners like these. For things like making interactive books with plastic materials, matching games with removable cards, and photo calendars, squares with adhesive backing are perfect.

Most commonly, student’s artwork should be safely hung on the classroom walls. These artworks may be replaced or updated afterwards. Using the same Velcro fasteners on your wall, you can easily replace the old artworks with new ones.

Simply transfer the corresponding fasteners to the artwork or replace them with new ones if you plan to hang the old ones later on.

Since they have a strong bond, an easy peel-and-stick application, and a long-lasting nylon material, VELCRO Mounting Squares are great for organizing your workspace, storing crafts, decorating classroom walls, and more.

However, extra care must also be exercised when trying to detach the object from the wall or from its corresponding fastener. By pulling carefully (not drastically) the nylon fasteners will slowly disengage without peeling off the adhesive on its back.

  • Very strong and quite durable
  • Reusable and detachable
  • Easy to install and conveniently cut
  • 200 pieces per pack, more than enough for several projects
  • Adhesion is very dependable even though it is detachable
  • The adhesive used at the back of the Velcro may not be reused but can be replaced

Velcro adhesive tape or fasteners are one of the most innovative inventions of modern times. These are even being used to replace zipper functions. Furthermore, its versatility, flexibility, and durability are quite impressive. Even though the adhesive behind each Velcro is not always reusable, the adhesion between these fasteners is long lasting.

3. Mavalus Tape

mavalus tape

If there is another reliable tape that can stick to almost every wall condition, I would bet on this Mavalus multi-purpose adhesive tape. Unlike ordinary adhesive tapes, this one stands out for its superior strength that sticks effortlessly on any type of surface.

Besides classroom walls, this can be used on brick, plastic, glass, or even walls with rough textures. With such versatility and exceptional strength, this adhesive tape works great on DIY projects, classroom decorations, posters, or anything that needs to be posted.

I remember using this to attach posters and colorful paintwork from my students. It does stick nicely and beautifully but leaves no residues even when you need to peel it off. Thus, this tape is a great combination of superior strength and removability.

For that reason, I even used it to spruce up my bedroom walls with watercolor art projects and artistic sketches on cardstock. Surprisingly, this adhesive tape is so sturdy that I can still reuse the old adhesive tapes and put them on an art piece that I need to hang. Still works great!

In addition to that, the tape’s ability to stick on any condition or texture of the wall is a major plus for me. One time, I had to put up some posters on a rough painted wall and the tape held up pretty nicely. No need to use duct tape, hot glue, or double-sided tapes as this one does the trick impressively.

What I really love about it is that it can be peeled off easily and still leaves the surface clean without damaging the paint. Moreover, it stays on even when the weather gets hot or humid.

Perhaps the only drawback of this tape is the expensive price. Aside from that, I do not recommend this on freshly painted walls or surfaces, especially on flat paint.

  • Versatile; stays on every surface type and wall condition
  • Provides superior strength and removability
  • Does not leave sticky residues when peeled off
  • Does not damage or remove paint when peeled off
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive
  • Should not be used on delicate surfaces or freshly painted walls

Overall, it is an excellent adhesive tape that any teacher or student would definitely make use of. Whether it is for arts and crafts, posters, or anything that needs to be mounted, this tape does the trick and leaves the surfaces clean and free of damages.

How to Choose Tape for Classroom Walls

best way to hang posters in classroom

Adhesive Quality and Flexibility

The best way to hang posters in classrooms is by using double adhesive tape. However, the adhesive that is used in mounting tape is arguably its most important component. It must adhere to the surface of the wall and the material to be mounted when placed on both sides of the tape.

The material or adhesive must possess the ability to stably bond both surfaces. It will be permanent adhesion, semi-permanent, or detachable, depending on the kind of tape used. Because the adhesive must be stronger the heavier the project, particular products like heavy duty adhesive are very common.

Tape Material Used

The surface or thing that is grabbing onto the adhesive is referred to as the tape’s material. The tape must be somewhat flexible but must not fold back on itself. The thickness still varies, with acrylic being the most popular material.

Although more durable, thicker tapes are typically more challenging to use. Although they are less long-lasting in the long run, thinner tapes are, on the other hand, simpler to handle. Velcro and other tape fasteners work well for attaching and removing items from vertical storage or walls quite often.

Strength of Adhesion

The amount of load that the tape can carry or support is an important consideration. This information on their labels tells you how much tape you’ll need, measured in square inches, to stick the items to walls or vertical surfaces.

It is determined by the type of adhesive used, the tape material, and how well the tape and object are mounted. Verify this data if the tape you selected supports a specific load range. Examine how much weight it can support, from light to heavy objects to be fastened or mounted.

Reasonably Priced

Before making a purchase, keep in mind that some products are more costly than others and that it’s important to determine whether or not they provide acceptable value for their price. Your main priority when selecting an item should be to locate one that offers excellent quality without costing too much.

When purchasing tape for classroom walls, it’s important to keep in mind a variety of factors. The cost of the product is important to take into account, but you also need to think about how long it will last and how many uses you’ll obtain from it.

Tape Dimension in Proportion to Strength

best double sided tape for hanging pictures

Comparing the tape’s length to its strength is very crucial when selecting tape for classroom walls. To make sure you will receive enough tape to finish the task at hand, check this specification and load capacity in proportion to its size and dimension. To ensure that your project can be completed quickly and effectively, compare the dimensions of the tape to its holding capacity based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Resistance to Varying Temperature

When applying the tape, consider how temperature resistant the tape and glue are. Determine the temperature at which the tape is rated to work and whether it has been evaluated for efficiency in outdoor settings. While some tape is susceptible to heat, causing the good adhesion to lose its hold, other tape is affected by cold temperatures.

Moisture and Waterproof Ability

It is helpful to verify that the tape is completely waterproof, even if it is designated for outdoor use. Using acrylic tape material, which is the most popular substance, is proven to be waterproof.

Nevertheless, depending on the tape’s composition, extra care must be considered so that moisture may not seep in and lose the effectiveness of the tape.

Surface Adhesion and Compatibility

A clean and dry surface is the ideal condition to use any adhesive tape. It is important to make sure the tape will stick to the surface you need to mount it to. Make sure the tape can also hold onto the object you wish to hang or fasten on the wall.

Ease in Installing and Detaching

Installing the tape easily is a plus. It should not be messy and tiresome. Moreover, consider what will happen if you take the tape off. In order to avoid making holes in the walls, double-sided mounting tape is frequently used. Therefore, choosing materials that won’t leave a residue on the wall is a good idea. It is beneficial to find something that can be washed away or that can be peeled off neatly later on.


Adhesive tapes have been with us as part of our daily lives and activities. From organizing to decorating almost anything, we need to choose smart while working hard. It is always a good idea to read online reviews before making your choice for any product, and more specifically for the best tape for classroom walls.

This will provide you with an overview of how other users have experienced this specific product, and can inform you on how it may also benefit you or your project. Reading user feedback and reviews is a great way to find out if the product has any flaws or limitations that you might not have thought of beforehand.

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