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The Best Tape for Whiteboards in 2024

thin electrical tape for whiteboard

Do you have a personal workspace in your house? Do you work in an office? Are you a teacher or professor? Well, you probably use whiteboards daily for organizing your activities, schedules, tasks, and so on.

However, having a whiteboard marker alone is not enough to get your writing neatly organized. I am quite sure you need something more than that. Have you already guessed what it is? Let me spill the tea – whiteboard tapes.

The best tape for whiteboards can be applied to easily set up lines, charts, or whiteboard grids. They are great for use at home in study rooms, bedrooms, and offices. These specialized tapes are also frequently used in schools and companies during lessons and conferences.

In this article, we are going to discuss the roundup of highly recommended whiteboard tape brands. What features should you find in a whiteboard tape? Keep on reading to find out!

Top 4 Tape for Whiteboards Reviews

1. GoProver Graphic Tape Whiteboard Tape

goprover graphic tape whiteboard tape

GoProver is one of the best brands that I go for when the goal is to create precise grid lines and whiteboard line charts. These ultra-thin gridding tapes can be used as craft tapes, making them incredibly reliable when organizing and designing whiteboards.

This thin black tape for whiteboard surfaces is quite convenient to use as they function similarly to standard tapes. It does not have a paper backing, which means you can stick the tapes on the whiteboard without hassle.

One more thing I love about it is that the tapes cling very well. Even after you remove them multiple times, they remain sticky and do not leave any gummy residues.

These whiteboard tapes make it simple for me to add different columns and rows to my whiteboard. And because I can create temporary grid lines, I can seamlessly remove them and rearrange my chart or graph to ideally meet my demands.

I remember using it to customize my office whiteboard and turn it into an editable calendar. Luckily, these whiteboard tapes were so easy to use whereas drawing sharp and clean lines and markings just went on smoothly. With just a few tweaks, I could have my DIY calendar to plan schedules and appointments.

This thin electrical tape for whiteboard also works great to keep whiteboards minimalist and clutter-free. The black color elevates the style while keeping the grid lines sleek, neat, yet subtle.

At an affordable price, this package already contains six rolls of black whiteboard tapes. Each roll has 108 feet of tape, which I think is more than enough to create markings and margins on your whiteboard for everyday use.

Aside from that, there is no hassle using this tape to make lines on whiteboard spaces, especially when you need to modify a precise drawing guide. Since it is thin and easy to apply, it makes perfectly straight lines without having to use a marker or a ruler.

On the other hand, the only drawback I noticed with this whiteboard tape is that it tears easily. Hence, you have to be very careful when adhering to the whiteboard or moving it to another section.

  • Ultra-thin gridding tapes
  • Clings very well; does not leave any residue
  • Ideal for creating very precise lines
  • Can act as guiding lines for drawing
  • Contains 6 rolls of 108-foot tapes for multiple uses
  • Easily tears

Anyhow, this whiteboard tape by GoProver is a reliable art tool to create precise lines for charts, graphs, calendars, and drawing guides. Whether it is for school or work whiteboard use, I don’t think this tape will disappoint.

2. Cridoz Thin White Board Tape

cridoz thin white board tape

I have to admit that the color selection makes this Cridoz Whiteboard tape set quite a sweet treat. It comes in six different colors that can be used for organizing and making whiteboard embellishments.

But of course, beyond the striking vibrant colors is the durability of these whiteboard tapes. Each of these colorful tapes does what it is supposed to do – to provide precise grid lines, outlines, drawing guides, and symmetrical lines on your whiteboard.

Each tape roll is made out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is a very strong type of plastic that is commonly used for packaging. Every time you apply this whiteboard tape, it does not snap or tear out too quickly as some substandard whiteboard tapes do.

As straightforward as these tapes may seem, they can also be used to design color-coded partitions. Not only does the assortment of colors provide organized and well-partitioned outlines but also makes them quite attractive to look at.

Moreover, I like how thin these tapes are. Their width, which is 0.125 inches, is just the perfect size for creating grids and calendars on my whiteboard. Because of their perfect thinness, I am able to maximize the space on my whiteboard.

These whiteboard tapes do not have any paper backing, which allows for easy usage and removal. And once you remove it after sticking it on the whiteboard, it is nice that it does not leave any messy and sticky residues.

Aside from that, this whiteboard tape is not just ideal for creating charts, calendars, or lines. It is also ideal for decorative purposes, particularly when you fancy playful whiteboard embellishments.

The downside, however, is that these whiteboard tapes do not remain sticky after removal. Once you take them off, the tapes may not adhere well to another part of the whiteboard.

  • Available in 6 different shades for color-coded outlines
  • Does not tear easily; made out of PET plastic for enhanced durability
  • Very thin for sleek and subtle lines
  • Does not leave any residue
  • Ideal for decorating your whiteboard
  • Does not stick well anymore after removal

Despite that issue, I am sure you will still find these colorful and durable whiteboard tapes very useful, particularly in terms of neatly organizing your whiteboard writings using the color coding principle.

3. Selizo Whiteboard Pinstripe Tape

selizo whiteboard pinstripe tape

Selizo Whiteboard tapes stand out for their vast variety of color options. While the vibrant hues make the tapes look neat and pleasant, the color assortment allows you to get more creative with your craft and turn your mundane whiteboards into something playful and decorative.

These eye-catching whiteboard tapes are just the perfect product to use when it comes to making your whiteboard look more interesting and orderly. If you want to underline or highlight important writing on your whiteboard, these tapes are useful to create emphasis on the outlines.

Furthermore, what I personally like about these whiteboard tapes is their durability. Although they are made out of paper (which is usually prone to tearing), I can use these tapes and apply them over and over again without accidentally tearing a single piece.

The thinness of these whiteboard tapes is just the perfect width for whiteboard gridding and lining. Each tape’s width is 0.125 inches, which is very suitable for creating intricate linings and markings on your whiteboard.

As mentioned, these whiteboard tapes are made out of paper. All of the elements used in these tapes are biodegradable as they are derived from plant materials, making them an environmentally friendly option.

Aside from that, I like how these tapes are suitable for children too. Because of their vivid and exciting colors, the children can also enjoy decorating with them. These tapes not only adhere very well to whiteboards but to scrapbooks and coloring pads as well.

Meanwhile, the slight downside is that each roll of tape has a very short length, which is only 42.6 feet. In short, these whiteboard tapes are not for long-term applications or large scale projects.

  • Includes 10 different vibrant colors for a playful assortment
  • Made out of durable paper; does not tear that easily
  • Perfect for underlining or highlighting whiteboard writings
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Versatile application; Also adheres well to scrapbooks and coloring pads
  • Each tape roll’s length is slightly short

Nevertheless, I must say that this is the most common tape to use on whiteboard surfaces when you are all about decor and color. This set is available in a vast array of vibrant colors, is durable, and sticks well, making it a great buy. These eco-friendly whiteboard tapes are not just suitable for office workers but also for children.

How to Choose Tapes for Whiteboards

best tape for whiteboards

Quality and Durability of the Tape

If you are planning to use whiteboard tapes very frequently, you have to make sure that it is built to last for a long time. You can look out for those whiteboard tapes that are made out of plastic (specifically polyethylene terephthalate) as they do not tear out easily.

Paper-made whiteboard tapes are also excellent alternative options because of their durable and long-lasting quality. However, they are normally hard to find.

Before making a purchase, you can also read the reviews and customer feedback on the whiteboard tape to determine its durability. In this way, you can compare different brands of whiteboard tapes and figure out which ones work out well according to your preferences.

Ease of Usage and Adhesion Strength

The ease of usage or application is also essential when purchasing tapes for whiteboards. This indicates that when choosing a specific product, you must examine if it can provide a rigid, sleek, and seamless layout so that you can use them without any difficulty.

For instance, if you want a whiteboard tape that functions similarly to those easy-to-use standard sticky tapes, look out for those that do not have any paper backing. Such types of whiteboard tape are relatively much easier to apply to the whiteboard.

Besides that, you have to make sure that the tape adheres quite well to the surface even after several removals. Once the tape adheres to the board, you should be able to reposition them to a different section at least 3 to 4 times before the stickiness wears off.

Clean and Smooth Application

It is imperative to keep whiteboard surfaces clean and smooth to make them writable at all times. Any sticky residues, especially from tapes, would do otherwise.

Therefore, it is a major plus for whiteboard tapes that do not leave any residue should you ever need to peel them off. It is best to consider looking for durable and high-quality tapes for whiteboards that provide excellent adhesion yet can be removed neatly and smoothly later on.

thin black tape for whiteboards

Width and Length of the Tape

Do you prefer ultra-thin whiteboard tapes to help you create fine lines and maximize the space of your whiteboard? You can go for whiteboard tapes with widths of 0.125 inches or below.

Moreover, if you want to use the tapes for long-term use or multiple uses, you should go for whiteboard tape sets with rolls that measure at least 80 to 110 feet.

Color Options

Whiteboard tapes may vary in different colors. While some go for black for a minimalist and understated appearance, others prefer colorful tapes for a color-coded organization. Many whiteboard tape brands offer vibrant and colorful tapes to add pops of hues and embellishments to your whiteboard.

Besides the color selection, you may also consider cute and fun tapes, preferably Washi tapes or unique adhesive tapes derived from traditional Japanese paper. When you apply washi tape on whiteboard surfaces, you can turn mundane white surfaces into a more attractive and playful board, ideal for school or teaching settings with children around.


The most suitable tape for whiteboards are not just your ordinary sticky tapes; they are designed to properly stick to your whiteboard with the intent of organizing it and making it appear eye-pleasing. Gridding, lining, underlining, highlighting, as well as making charts and calendars will be a snap with the right whiteboard tape.

Nonetheless, before purchasing, you have to consider the quality, durability, ease of usage, width, length, and color options of the whiteboard tape set to ensure that it will meet your needs and preferences. Hopefully, after reading the product reviews and buying guide above, you can find the best pick for your whiteboard.

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