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Types of Glue for Crafts

types of glue for crafts

If you are into arts and crafts, there will come a time when you will be using glue in one of your art pieces. The glue can be used to affix materials like paper, plastic, wood, foam, and even fabric. But more importantly, the glue will be used for various arts and crafts projects.

Furthermore, glue can be used in so many ways, which means there are different types of glue that you can use for various applications. After reading this article, you will know the different types of glue for crafts that anyone can use. See the list below:

Craft Glue

If you want to know what type of glue is suggested for paper crafts, craft glue is a popular choice. Also known as white glue, this water-based glue is safe for anyone with almost zero toxicity. Since it is part water, the craft glue has a combined look of a thick paste and transparent water. Aside from craft projects, craft glue can also be used in schools, homes, and offices.

The craft glue works best when putting papers together in art and craft classes. It can also be used to bring card sheets together and other porous items. If it is used in the office, you can use it to hold pieces of documents together due to their transparent texture.

Another upside of using glue is it feels easier on the hands. If it spills on your hands or creates a mess on any surface, it can be easily removed by washing it with water. Also, it takes only a minute for the glue to dry.

Wood Glue

wood glue

Wood glue should be an excellent option if you are looking for a strong craft glue. This type of glue is perfect for securing wooden surfaces. Wooden glue will be the perfect bonding tool if you want to bond tables, beds, chairs, and cupboards. It can also be used on decorative items like frames.

Since wood glue is incredibly strong, you can use it for any light or heavy-duty crafting projects. Since it is formulated with wood-crafts in mind, this type of glue is full of versatility. Aside from wood, you can use it for ceramic, fabric, leather, paper, plastic, and foam.

The downside of using this type of glue is it takes a while for it to dry. This glue is expected to dry from one hour to more than 24 hours, depending on the amount of glue the user applies to the surface.

Fabric Glue

fabric glue

Fabric glue is an excellent option if your crafting project revolves around fabric and textiles. This type of glue is perfect for silk, denim, cotton, and similar surfaces. This glue is unique because it has the properties to hold together two pieces of fabric.

The best thing about this glue is it remains flexible when it dries and has waterproofing properties that allow the garments to be cleaned and washed without worrying that the glue will be removed. So, fabric glue is an excellent choice whether you are mending worn-out jeans or fixing old upholstery.

Super Glue

super glue

If you want to know what type of glue is best for arts and crafts that use heavy materials, super glue is the best option. This type of glue comes with superior bonding properties that work best with ceramic, glass, wood, and leather. So, if you are doing heavy-duty craft projects, super glue is always an excellent option for you.

Since it is one of the strongest glue, you can use it to hold metals together. Furthermore, this glue will leave a clean and glossy look when it is applied to any surface. Another upside is it dries up quickly and fits joints easily.

The only issue I notice with this type of glue is that you need to be precise when applying the glue on the surface. Since it dries quickly and is incredibly strong, you need to avoid any mistakes during the application process because it sticks fast.

Glue Sticks

glue sticks

Every child that is into arts and crafts should be familiar with glue sticks. After all, a child’s stationery bag is not complete without a handy glue stick. Glue sticks have the ability to hold together pieces of plastics and tubes to make an artistic creation.

The way the glue stick works is different from the other glue and adhesive. It comes with a cylindrical-shaped body that is with a gear at the bottom that exposes the adhesive at the top when it is rotated.

One of the upsides of using a glue stick is it’s so easy to use, clean, and remove. It also dries quickly, around 2 to 5 minutes, making the glue stick an excellent option for children in all of their arts and craft activities.

Hot Glue

hot glue

Hot glue is a nice option if you want to know what type of craft glue is used for foam and other similar materials. Hot glue comes with a glue gun and is being used for high-strength and precise applications.

Hot glue comes in solid form but must be heated using a glue gun. Once the glue melts, the user can start applying the glue to any surface. You can apply it like ordinary glue, which can be used in any material except metal.

The best thing about hot glue is its quick-drying properties. And it also dries clear making it ideal to be applied on silicone, metal, and vinyl. If you are into crafts, hot glue should be perfect for scrapbooking and creating handmade jewelry, for naming a few.

Glitter Glue

glitter glue

This type of glue is a combination of the original craft glue and glitter particles. The result is heavily pigmented glue with glitter in all kinds of light-duty and artistic crafting projects. Again, this type of glue is popular among children because of its functionalities.

This glue is an excellent option if you are looking for craft glue that is perfect for plastic and other porous materials. This fancy crafting glue is known for being shiny, which brings more fun and creativity to any crafting project.

The only downside of using glitter glue is it takes a while to dry. It usually takes from 30 minutes to 24 hours to dry this glue completely. But it all depends on the application and the amount of glue you use in your crafting project.


This article shows seven types of glue for crafts that anyone can use. Several types of glue in the market are still used for other applications, but this list is popular among artists and crafters. These glues are effective in various applications but ensure you use the right ones for your crafting projects.

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