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Watercolor Project Life Cards

There’s something about the end of another school year that makes me all reflective and emotional. Its yet another physical reminder of how big my babies are getting and how quickly time is passing. I always feel more motivated around May and June to let everyone around me know how much I appreciate their impact on my life and these Watercolor Project Life cards were a perfect way for me to be able to document all of the emotions.

Now, I obviously used these on a layout dedicated to my sweet kiddos, but these would be awesome for graduations or any major milestone someone might be approaching. New job? Perfect. Moving to a new city? Yep! Going through a rough patch in life? Absolutely.

This set includes two 4 x 6 title cards, one 4 x 6 journaling card, four 3 x 4 inspirational phrases, and four 3 x 4 patterned card. These cards should be plenty to complete a two page spread for your albums.


Please help me keep these prints free for you by remembering that they are for personal use only. Do not sell, copy, or redistribute these prints in any manner. Feel free to share the link to this post so your friends can enjoy them too!

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