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What are Dotted Notebooks For?

what are dotted notebooks for

With the many different kinds of notebooks, one can say that it has a wide range of uses – apart from being a supply for writing notes. Notebooks are not just those composed of plain and lined paper. There are also dotted ones.

Now, what are dotted notebooks for exactly? Basically, it is a great choice to make sure that your handwriting stays neat. It also helps you create a customized planner. The reason is that drawing straight lines is easy with it. You can also form separations within the pages based on how you want them.

Let’s get to know more about what are dotted notebooks used for through this article.

Uses of Dotted Notebooks

uses of dotted notebooks

If the notebook you are familiar with is one composed of traditional plain paper, then the dotted paper in certain types of notebooks may confuse you initially. In most cases, the papers used in the notebook are narrow-ruled, wide-ruled, or unruled. This is the reason why you may find it unclear and confusing to work with dots.

Once you become more familiar with how to use dotted notebooks, you will find the whole process very entertaining and interesting. You will also find this notebook versatile as it has plenty of uses, including the following:


One major use of a dotted notebook is as a daily planner. You will find it useful in keeping track of your plans every day as it lets you draw calendars based on your preference. You can also use it for weekly and monthly planning.

The dots in the notebook promote ease in drawing neat lines. You will also have an easier time separating the page anywhere you want, thereby allowing you to form the format and size you intend your planner to have. Moreover, you can choose to put your own style in it in the form of borders, headings, and others.


Your dotted notebook also serves as an effective tool for creating an index composed of its other contents. You can just use its first page for the index, which will have the title of what each page of the notebook contains as well as the page number. This is an advantage as it promotes ease in finding anything that you are searching for.

Sketching, Drawing, and Doodling

If you also consider yourself an artist in the sense that you love to draw, sketch, and doodle, then you will like having a dotted notebook around. This notebook has dots that will be of help in drawing straight lines anytime you need to do so without stifling your creativity.

Just make sure to pick the dotted notebook with somewhat faint dots if you intend to use it for drawing and sketching. An example is a notebook with dots printed using 60% black ink only.

In other words, they are visible but you can still easily ignore them if what you intend to do is to doodle freely. It would also be fun to use as you will most likely feel like you are one of those fancy and elegant French artists who use sketchbooks that feature dots. It is really such a good feeling and will surely inspire you to draw and sketch more.

Writing your regular to-do list

writing your regular to-do list

The dotted notebook will also be of help if you consider yourself a “list” kind of person. This means that you love writing and listing everything, especially your tasks for the day. Note that while all types of pre-printed paper will let you keep track of your vital tasks, dotted pages will still be able to provide more flexibility.

A dotted notebook provides freedom in monitoring all tasks you completed based on your preferences. You can do that no matter how you intend to manage and organize your to-do list.

This is by categorizing your tasks into blocks, writing them straight or directly in separate rows, or splitting them into columns so you can separate professional and personal tasks.


Are you fond of keeping records and lists of important things? Then expect the dotted notebook to be of great help to you. You can use it to write down notes about anything, whether it is gardening, wine tasting, or any hobby you have. Your dotted notebook will definitely help you store such details.

The dotted notebook does not also limit the types of lists you intend to put and store in your paper journal. It also has flexibility, so it is definitely the perfect inside page if you want to store any information.


You may also use your dotted notebook for journaling. With this use, you will surely find the dotted notebook useful in bringing together important points, like writing, drawing, tracking your habit, meetings, appointments, records, and lists, in just a single place. If you do that, you can refer to the material as a bullet journal or dot grid journal.

Note, that this kind of journal can’t be bought templated. You have to create it uniquely as it should always be based on you, your specific goals, and objectives. It should contain sections designed to record or log your experiences, insights, ideas, or anything that comes to your mind.

The bullet journal you can make with the help of a dotted notebook will surely add fun and creativity to your journaling hobby. The notebook makes for an incredible choice for this form of journaling as it allows you to do a sort of self-care.

With the dot grid in the notebook, you have an assurance that your creativity will not be restrained. In other words, you are allowed to break out of the usual line. You can write based on your preferred direction and integrate sketches, doodles, and tables whenever necessary.



The dotted notebook will also have dotted paper that can aid in improving your calligraphy skills. Keep in mind that the featured dots in the notebook tend to align, so the letters will stay horizontal on every page.

Aside from that, there is also an even space in between each dot, which can make your calligraphy even better. The reason is that it allows you to write beautifully with uniform letters.

Also, take note that unlike the typical notebook composed of ruled paper, the dotted notebook does not have any line that may run through the calligraphy’s downstrokes. With that, you have an assurance that there is a low risk of having unsightly and unwanted interpretations in your calligraphy.


As you can see, there are several ways and solutions that can answer what are dotted notebooks for. With the many uses of this type of notebook, it is safe to say that it is a very versatile item that can serve a wide range of purposes.

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