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What can I Use Instead of Modge Podge

what can i use instead of modge podge

When it comes to glues, the Modge Podge is a household name among craft workers because of its dependability and excellent sealing powers. The only problem when using this product is that it’s too expensive for normal craft artists and can be difficult for them.

So, what can I use instead of Modge Podge? Fortunately, there are several alternatives that can be used instead of the pricey Modge Pudge. This article lists some of the best alternatives you can use, including those that can be made on your own.

PVA Glue in an Excellent Alternative

If Modge Podge is too expensive for you, PVA glue can be an excellent alternative. When you are working on a certain project and you need an urgent replacement to this glue, the PVA glue is the best replacement to the Modge Podge.

Just to be clear, PVA glue and Modge Podge are not similar, but the former can be the best alternative because PVA glue is like a homemade Modge Podge with water in it. According to experienced crafters, Modge Podge is essential PVA glue plus ⅓ of water.

Meaning, you can make your own Modge Podge by adding ⅓ cup of water to 1 cup of basic white glue. You can even increase the glossiness of the homemade product by adding 2 tablespoons of water-based varnish.

Why is PVA Glue the Best Alternative?

PVA glue is a type of acrylic glue that you can find in most craft and art supply stores. When looking for the best alternative to Modge Podge, it should be readily available, and PVA glue can be found easily in these stores.

The PVA glue can be used in making beautiful home decor items and even scrapbook pages. This type of glue dries quickly when used over delicate materials. All of the products containing PVA glue on the label are excellent replacements for Modge Podge.

You may find other brands with available glue, but these products contain more properties compared to Modge Podge, making them unideal in replacing Modge Podge. Those PVA glues you can find in art, and craft supply stores are the best alternative and are easier to find.

The PVA glue can be used in making decorations for your room, similar to Modge Podge. Its versatility allows you to seal items and fix between two objects. PVA glue also works best when applied on not-too-delicate materials such as paper and fabric.

Same with Modge Podge, you can also make beautiful decorations and household items, including rugs, table covers, and wall hangings. When using the glue, you will probably see a white haze in the background, making it look more natural.

Home-Made Modge Pudge using Elmer’s Glue

Yes, the popular Elmer’s Glue can also be a Modge Podge alternative. The reason behind it is that it’s a brand that also sells PVA glue. Diluting Elmer’s PVA glue can be the best option aside from Modge Podge when decoupaging projects.

If you are converting Elmer’s glue into a homemade Modge Podge, it is called water-down glue in the arts and crafts community. The only difference with Elmer’s glue is it dries out duller than Modge Podge. The Elmer’s glue’s finish is not glossy when it is cured.

Making Homemade Modge Podge Using Elmer’s Glue

Elmer’s Glue can be a Modge Podge alternative if you know how to do it correctly. Elmer’s glue will be modified to be the best alternative to the Modge Podge. First, you can use a bottle of Elmer’s glue in a clean 12-ounce or larger container.

Then, you will add 4 ounces of water to the container to mix with the glue. Stir the mixture thoroughly. Then, you can add some gloss varnish should you decide to make it shinier once applied to your project.

With the procedure above, you will have a homemade Modge POdge out of Elmer’s glue. It may not be similar to the real Modge Podge glue, but this mixture is the best available alternative for a project.

Using a Painting Medium

Another alternative to Modge Podge is the use of a painting medium. Fortunately, using a painting medium such as Liquitex, or any other brand for that matter, is an excellent replacement for Modge Podge.

But you need to go with a matte or gloss medium since it will work as glue and has the ability to fasten down objects. You can also use this alternative when decoupaging objects as it provides a protective coating or sealer with the same way the Modge Podge performed.

As for the finish, you can mix the matte and gloss in an equal amount to get a satin or slightly glossy finish, making them an excellent substitute for Modge Podge.


So, what can I use instead of Modge Podge? You actually have several choices as an alternative for this glue when doing projects. As presented in this article, you can use PVA glue, homemade Elmer’s glue, and a painting medium. They may not be similar to the real Modge Podge in terms of performance, but they are your best alternative to finish your project.

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