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What Paint to Use On Wood Crafts

what paint to use on wood crafts

Painting on wood crafts is an excellent activity to do. But you need the right paint to ensure that the result will be successful in turning wooden furniture or any wood surface into a unique work of art.

But what paint to use on wood crafts? Two of the most popular paints perfect for wood crafts are acrylic and latex paints. This article will also discuss other types of paints that are perfect for wood crafts.

Acrylic Paint: Popular Choice

acrylic paint wood crafts

If you want to know what is the best paint for wood crafts, the answer should be based on popularity and the people using it. Acrylic is by far the more popular choice by many when it comes to wood crafts.

Acrylic paint is known for its versatility in working on different surfaces, making it works well on wood crafts. Because it works well on wood, acrylic paint is by far the popular choice among artists in painting wood crafts. No wonder this paint is also called craft paint because of its ability to work on different surfaces.

The best thing about acrylic paint is it’s odorless and so easy to clean. But make sure to clean up your mess while it is still wet because it can be challenging to remove the paint when it has dried up. This water-based paint is also available in matte and gloss finishes.

Acrylic paint is not complicated when applied to a wooden surface. You can apply the paint straight from the container. You can also have the option to mix it with water to create different types of effects. Mixing the paints to get different types of color can be done in this paint.

Lastly, using acrylic paint for woodcraft will not cost you that much because it is affordable. You can even purchase in different container sizes, which will allow you to choose even the smallest one. The small size containers will be perfect for painting small-size wood craft projects.

Latex Paint: Excellent Alternative

latex paint wood crafts

If acrylic paint is the popular choice, then latex paint is an excellent alternative for painting wood crafts. When you are painting on a large wood craft project, latex paint is a perfect option due to its spreadability feature.

Many students are unaware of what kind of paint to use on wood crafts with a large surface area. But latex paint is perfect for large projects as this paint is usually sold in large containers. With its spreadability feature, you can apply this paint to the surface of the wood using a roller brush.

The upside of using latex paint when applied to wood crafts is it’s odorless and so easy to clean. You must use soap and water to clean up your mess after the painting session. Using latex paints will also add another layer of protection and durability when applied to wooden surfaces.

Latex paints are also known to work well on different types of applications. It can be used on outdoor projects, furniture, decorative trims, and many more. With its ability to spread, you will save using latex paint if you work on large-scale wood craft projects.

Enamel Paints

Another type of paint which can be used on wood crafts is enamel paint. Specific enamel paints made for crafting work well with wood crafts. This type of paint is usually in the form of brush-on and spray paint.

Enamel paints usually come in water- or oil-based forms, but those specifically made for wooden crafts are water-based. When applied to the wooden surface, this paint usually takes about 24 hours before it dries up.

Using water-based enamel paints also means that you will get the same benefit as using acrylic paint. Water-based enamel paint is easy to clean as long as the paint has not dried up. You can use soap and water when cleaning your mess.

Finally, if you want to use enamel paints on your wood craft project, make sure to get the one which is made for wood crafts. Otherwise, you might mistakenly choose those enamel paints that only work on glass, ceramics, and other non-porous surfaces.

Chalk Paint

chalk paint

Chalk paint is another water-based paint which can be applied to crafts. Known for its versatility, chalk paints can also be applied on other surfaces but will give a worn but distressed look when used on wooden surfaces.

Chalk paint is a decorative paint which needs little preparation when used. But to maximize the result, you will need to apply a top coat to prevent flaking. But the best thing about this paint is that when applied to your wood craft, you do need to do any preparation since it can be painted right away as long as the surface is dry and clean.

So, if you want to give your wood craft project a matte and chalky appearance, chalk paint is an excellent paint to use. You can even sand the surface after the application to provide a unique detail and dimension to the project.

Milk Paint

milk paint

If you are looking for alternative paint for your wood craft, you can consider milk paint as an excellent alternative. This type of paint works well on wooden surfaces and can be applied with little to no preparation as long as the surface is clean and dry.

Milk paints can be a stain or a solid opaque paint, depending on how much water you mix before the application. The best thing about this paint is its ability to penetrate the wood resulting in a long-lasting finish that will not chip or flake.

This type of paint is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making it safe for the surroundings and anyone who will use it. This paint is also biodegradable and will not produce dangerous fumes when used.


Learning what paint to use on wood crafts will allow you to know the different options you can use when painting a project. Each paint choice has different advantages and disadvantages, but the choice will always depend on you. The most important thing is to have the right paint to produce the best result for your wood craft project.

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