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Why are Ticonderoga Pencils the Best?

why are ticonderoga pencils the best

Why are Ticonderoga pencils the best? The Dixon Ticonderoga is one of the most iconic pencil brands in the world. You probably used quite a lot of them while you were still in school. This pencil brand has retained its popularity even after 200 years, which is an impressive feat for any product. So, why is this pencil so beloved?

While Ticonderoga pencils are not the perfect writing tools, they are still right up at least at the top 10 pencils, in my opinion. In this article, we will be discussing the qualities that made the Ticonderoga pencil a favorite among enthusiasts and casual users alike. Maybe after reading this, you would like to revisit them, if only for old times’ sake.

Top Reasons Why Ticonderoga Pencils Are the Best

Here are just a few of the many reasons why Ticonderoga pencils continue to be the top choice among many users:


One of the reasons why the Ticonderoga pencil is still the most popular today is that it is very affordable. Not only will you be getting a decent writing experience from Ticonderoga pencils but you also will not break the bank.

All Ticonderoga pencil variants cost less than 25 cents each, and they get even cheaper if you buy in bulk. Since I use these pencils quite often, I often buy them in packs of 30, which drops the price per piece considerably. I constantly lose my pencils at work, so having a huge supply of cheap but reliable writing implements is surely a great help.


what is ticonderoga pencils

Don’t let the low price fool you, Ticonderoga pencils are quite robust. I have been using Ticonderoga pencils for years now, and I have yet to see a pencil delaminate. The adhesive used for keeping the wood slats together is quite strong, and it is so clean that you cannot even see the lamination line.

Do take note that just because Dixon Ticonderoga no longer uses American Eastern red cedar for its pencils and now uses a faster-growing tree species, it does not mean that the pencils are less durable. The wood that is currently used for all Ticonderoga pencils grows naturally straight so the wood grain goes in the same direction.

The wood is also thoroughly kiln-dried to prevent the pencils from warping and splitting over time.

Excellent Writing Experience

When it comes to writing, the Ticonderoga pencils are nice, but they are far from perfect. The pencils have a familiar hexagonal shape that somewhat keeps them from rolling off your work surface. It still rolls a bit but your desk needs to be at a steep incline to make it roll continuously.

The edges are also a bit rounded, making Ticonderoga pencils comfortable to hold. The graphite used by the Ticonderoga #2 pencil is a bit harder compared to other HB pencils. This means that the marks left by Ticonderoga pencils are slightly lighter.

However, note that unless you compare them side by side with other brands, the difference is not that noticeable. In any case, these pencils do write quite smoothly and with minimal scratching.

The most remarkable feature of the Ticonderoga pencil is its trademark pink eraser. Outside of specialty erasers, the pink eraser of the Ticonderoga pencil erases cleanly and without scuffing the paper surface too much. This is why I loved using this pencil for tests back in the day. Other pencil erasers punched holes in my test papers.


dixon ticonderoga products

Although Dixon Ticonderoga is most well-known for its #2 pencil, there are plenty of other pencils that come with the company branding. For instance, if you have young kids that will be starting school soon, you can give them the Ticonderoga My First pencil.

The My First pencil has a bigger diameter than regular #2 pencils, and they also have thicker and softer leads, making them ideal for young students.

Interesting History

Mentioned earlier are some of the things that give the Ticonderoga pencil its everlasting appeal. Even after 200 years, this pencil is still one of the most recognized pencil brands in the US and overseas, and this is due to Dixon Ticonderoga Company’s dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

But do you know that its history is also one of the things that made the brand so appealing? The Dixon Ticonderoga pencil is manufactured by an American company of the same name. The Ticonderoga pencil got its name from the town of Ticonderoga, New York where pencil graphite was first discovered and processed.

Since its inception in the late 1700s, the Dixon Ticonderoga pencils have become so popular that it catapulted the company into being one of the biggest pencil manufacturers in the USA. Until today, the Dixon Ticonderoga pencil is one of the staple writing implements used in many schools and offices all over the country.

High-quality Wood

what wood does dixon ticonderoga use

What wood does Dixon Ticonderoga use? The type of wood used in the brand’s pencil is another reason why Ticonderoga pencils are so popular until today. Originally, the Ticonderoga pencil was made using Eastern red cedar wood.

However, ever since Dixon Ticonderoga shifted to using renewable wood sources, their pencils are primarily made from an unspecified species of fast-growing American cedar. The wood used for making the pencils are harvested from tree farms in the USA, and shipped to Dixon Ticonderoga’s manufacturing plants in Mexico and China.

Where Are Ticonderoga Pencils Made?

Due to skyrocketing manufacturing costs, Dixon Ticonderoga needed to outsource a huge bulk of its manufacturing processes overseas. Today, most Ticonderoga pencils are either made in Mexico or China. However, in order to maintain its US company status, Dixon Ticonderoga still maintains a small local manufacturing plant and has its main headquarters stateside.

Other Dixon Ticonderoga Products

Even though Dixon Ticonderoga is world-famous for its trademark yellow #2 pencil, the company has ventured into making other kinds of writing implements. You can find Dixon Ticonderoga pens, markers, and other stationery products.

In addition, you can find Dixon Ticonderoga digital writing tools like styluses and the like. They also offer Dixon Ticonderoga paper products.


Why are Ticonderoga pencils the best? There are many reasons why these pencils are among the most popular writing tools in the USA. Ticonderoga pencils are so well-loved not just because they are well-made, but also because they write quite well. The regular #2 pencil is actually up to par with some art pencils.

The Ticonderoga pencil is far from perfect. They still have some minor issues that might turn some people away from it. However, the benefits that come with the pencil far outweigh the negatives. If you are looking for an everyday pencil, why not revisit your old friend from school? I bet the Ticonderoga pencil misses you too.

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